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Old 26th December 2006, 07:16 AM
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scout fat

Scout Fat

Chuck had just gotten out of school and incidentally he had just turned 16 and 5’8”. Trying to figure out what to do for summer. His mom was thin and his dad was fat. But Chuck was only at 190lbs. So he was the middle fat person, but his dad was losing weight so there was a lot more food in the house his dad would have normally eaten.

So the moment Chuck had gotten out of school he decided to get fat. (Which wasn’t a problem considering there was all that food in the house.) His mom got home soon after he had and said. “ You’d better stop or you’ll get fat.” So Chuck stopped eating, but later that night he went and got a 2litre of Mountain Dew. After he got he plopped himself on his bed and finishing the 2litre of soda. He had decided to call his friend Steve.

Now Steve was only 13, about 162lbs and 5’5”. Steve had always thought that being fat was cool, but couldn’t gain much weight himself. He liked Chuck from the day they met with his big belly that sagged down to his thighs when he sat, and his big tits that jiggled when he walked. He also like Chuck because they were both fat and they also enjoyed the same pastimes. Like video games, scary movies, and eating. Eating was the big part of the friendship.

Well Chuck was the only one that really ate. But the one who really enjoyed helping him was Steve. So they both joined Boy Scouts, because of the camp outs and also because of all the food there was.

That weekend they had their first camp out. The boy’s parents didn’t know that the boys were getting fatter on the camp outs. They had camp outs almost every weekend.

So the week of the next camp out they decided to have some fun. The boys had been planning it for a month. Steve was going to stuff Chuck till he couldn’t move. (Which was easy to do because the scouts always had a cracker barrel and always had a lot of food left over.)

After the boys pitched their tents together (side-by-side). They had brought the stuff on the packing list that the scouts required. Also they had brought a few more items. Steve brought a big bowl and Chuck had brought 3 packs of graham crackers.

After most of the scouts went to bed the boys got to work on setting up their tents. This took awhile because when they got started it had became night. So after and hour of trying to find the holes to slide the tent poles through they had managed to get the tents up. They decided to save room and sleep in Steve’s tens which was bigger than Chuck’s. So they put all their stuff in Chuck’s tent except the food, bowl and sleeping bags.

After the tents were setup they got the big bowl full of the leftover bologna, cheese, and graham crackers the scouts left out before going to bed.

So Chuck and Steve got massive amounts of food and went to the tent to begin the fun.

Steve said, “Take off the shirt.”

Chuck said, “OK, but you too.”

Steve said, “Sure.”

Then they took their shirts off and admired each other’s bodies. Steve had a soft belly and small boy tits. But Chuck had a big belly with big tits that Steve liked to feel almost as much as Chuck’s belly.

Then it got fun. Both boys had lain down next to each other and Steve sat next to Chuck and began to massage his belly and tits. Chuck did the same for Steve both boys loved this. Then Chuck was laying back just massaging his belly Steve started feed him his graham crackers. The fast Steve rubbed Chuck’s belly the more Chuck ate and ate and ATE! Steve couldn’t feed Chuck fast enough.

Soon after the graham crackers were gone. Steve started feeding Chuck the bologna. His just dropped a piece of it into Chuck’s mouth. Then he just started cramming Chuck’s mouth full of bologna. Chuck just moaned for more and more. Slowly but surely the bowl of fattening was disappearing.

Then after Chuck was completely stuffed Steve laid is head on Chuck’s belly and listed to Chuck’s labored breathing. Chuck now had a belly that was no longer soft flab but a beach ball from all the food Steve stuffed it with.

Steve asked, “Did you have fun?”

Chuck said with labored breathing, “ yeah but do we have anymore food?”

Steve said, “hold on fatboy let me see.”

Chuck waited patiently. Then Steve reached behind his back and got another plate of bologna. Chuck was so happy he was foaming at the mouth for the tender meat.

Then Steve began feeding Chuck the bologna. Chuck was in heaven. His belly protruded a good foot in front of him. His tits were bigger and rounder.

Chuck said, “Steve you’re my best friend. We should do this every camp out.”

Steve said, “Definitely we should fatten you up.”

They fell asleep by each other’s sleeping bags.

The next morning they had to leave so all the time before packing they rubbed each other’s bellies and tits. Chuck had gone from 190lbs to 210lbs on just that one camp out. Steve was very excited by his fat friend’s accomplishment.

Chuck patted his big belly and said, “We’ll get thing huge.”

Steve smacked Chuck’s belly and said, “We sure will.”

So they said their farewells and vowed to help Chuck fatten up. For as long as they were friends.

From that moment on they grew up. Chuck continued to grow up and out. His weight reaching from 210lbs to 600lbs by the time Chuck was 20. When he met Steve at their High school Graduation. Steve had also gotten a cool big belly to at 300lbs.

Chuck would always be Steve’s big, kind friend.

BY: Chuck.
_this is semmi true_
Old 26th December 2006, 08:11 AM
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This story was actually kind of a good one for a change. Sure, it could use some improvement. Don't just sit down and say, "Gee, I think I'll write a story." Think about it; surely, Chuck didn't just get out of school and think, "I'm gonna get fat!" He must have thought about it quite a bit. Also, give some more background. It seem we just jump in at the middle. Who is Chuck? Why does he want to be fat? Who is Steve? Why does he want to help? Those kinds of things. Also, there's got to be more diologue between Chuck and his mom than just "You'd better stop or you'll get fat." Would Chuck have really just stopped and said nothing? Probably not.

Use these kinds of tips throughout the story. Could Chuck have logically gone from 190 to 210 in one campout and not have anyone say anything? And then you jump from the campout to when they're 20 yrs old and say that he was 600 lbs. How? What happened in between?

Next time, write the story in word, and think about it. You could even take this story and make it tons better.

However, overall, it was a good story. With some more development, it could have been even better, possibly even the "best" story
Old 27th December 2006, 04:36 AM
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in actuallity i've wanted to gain since 11 years old so that gave me the idea to gain weight. also to write the story. the part with steve and chuck actually happened. with the feeding part happening at the camp. Steve is a friend chuck met when he moved to the area. steve likes chuck because of their similar interests. chuck also likes steve as a friend because of their similar interests. steve wants to help because he wants to help chuck as a friend. at the end of camp people did say stuff but very little. it also was a week long campout they were on.

if anyone wants to chat further just post a reply and i will get to it.
Old 19th January 2007, 11:12 PM
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this was soo nice i wish i had a freind liek chuck
Old 20th January 2007, 02:43 AM
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It's a nice story - and the kind of thing I always have liked, having been a scrawny thing who wanted to be big but never could gain any weight back then. An encouraging friend would have meant the world to me back then.

But although parts of the story may be taken from "real life", the relationship between these two friends needs "fleshing out" (sorry for the pun). It would be nice to read how they came to be so comfortable together and how the gainer/encourager relationship developed. Things like that don't just happen; they are built on much interpersonal feeling and the building of trust between them.

Having "been there", I'm sure you could work more of those things into your next story. It's the little details of Chuck and Steve's lives that would explain where this started, how it developed, where it went - and make the whole thing more meaningful to other hopeful gainers (and to those of us who sooner or later made it there).

But don't stop writing. Or gaining. Or truly enjoying both of them.
Old 23rd February 2007, 07:44 PM
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I wish I was Chuck
Old 23rd February 2007, 11:50 PM
fatlineman72 fatlineman72 is offline
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it was good. excpet the end part, about being 600 and 300 pounds at the end. just seems a little cliche/ unrealistic.
Old 24th February 2007, 12:58 AM
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I enjoyed reading it, but I felt that this was sort of near the beginning of a tale. Like pavili255, I felt that there was a little introduction, and character psychology. We are no longer in the middle ages, and nowadays, audiences expect there to be a character logic. I know its hard to do it sometimes, but I am sure that with your imagination, you could add those details.

Also, I want to hear more about Steve and Chuch. Did they end up living together? What about Chuck's mom? How did she react after his gaing twenty pounds? Did she notice it? When or at what weight did she give in?

Although I did enjoy the tale and I hope to be reading more of your stories soon. No author is perfect, and the only way to get better is to keep practicing.

Don't get the wrong opinion though, I am nowhere near perfect, just an annoying critic. I only do this to help make you a better writter, otherwise why would I have used all this time?
Old 7th July 2007, 05:18 AM
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Nice storiy. All the comments are true, but nice story. Maybe a follow-up that has every detail, down to the last piece of gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe? Lol, that would be excessive (kind of like my weight ;-). But yeah, nice story.
Old 8th July 2007, 06:04 PM
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Exclamation Follow up on Scout Fat

This is for those who want to know the details.
Lets begin:

Steve and Chuck became roomates in College. But first let me backtrack to when Steve and Chuck both got home fom that eventful and fullfilling camp. Chuck's mom was surprise but had always supported him in his endevors. Steve's mom on the other hand was very happy. That was because Steve had finally made a true friend. So Steve's mom invited Chuck over for dinner the weekend after the campout. Chuck had been looking forward to seeing Steve again for awhile now.

Steve called Chuck and asked him, "Hey man want to come over for dinner? My mom makes a mean meatloaf.". Chuck simply pondered this for a moment before saying, "Steve thanks i think i will, but let me ask my mom."

So Chuck went an asked his mom his mom of course said "ok, just be back before 10:00 p.m." So Chuck ran or waddled as he found it difficult to run back to his room, and picked up the phone an said "Yes I can make!!!"

Chuck arrived at Steve's house at around 7:00 p.m. Before Chuck even got to the door he could smell the meatloaf. Chuck could already taste the meatloaf. He went up and rang the doorbell. Steve's mom answered and in a calm voice said, "We've been waiting for you Chuck."

Chuck went into the house feeling a little off about how Steve's mom sounded. but decided to ignore that because there was a meatloaf sitting on the tabe in front of him. Steve's mom guide him to the table and introduce Chuck to Steve's dad Max.

Max was by no means thin. He was 32 years old and a good 300-400lbs. He pulled out a chair inbetween himself and his son Steve. Chuck sat down and looked at the table. There was: mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, turkey, meatloaf, and rolls. Before Chuck could even say "Thanks." Steve came and sat down next to Chuck and started eating. Then Steve's mom started filling their plates. Steve got a moderate portion of about 3lbs of food. Max got a good sized portion of 6lbs of food. But Chuck had the oddest thing of all. Instead of a plate there was a 5 gallon feedbag.

Chuck asked Steve, "Whats this for???" Steve simply replied, "My mom knows that you like to eat alot, so she got this just for you." Chuck said, "Wow thanks!!!!"

Chuck stuck his head in the bag and Steve's mom brought out a huge platter of meatloaf, mashed potatoes covered in gravy and butter, rolls, and turkey. She then dumped it into the bag, and handed Chuck a fork. She said, "Dig in." Chuck wondered wether he would be able to eat it all. But then again he didn't want ot be rude.

So he began to eat. about 30 minutes later everyone else but Chuck had finished their plates of food. Chuck was about halfway done when he set his fork down, and said, "I can't eat another bite." Steve and Max looked at eachother and nodded silently.

Steve began to rub Chuck's belly while Max started to feed Chuck the last 3 gallons from the feedbag. Chuck felt like he was going to burst, but Steve began to rub faster as to help the food digest. Then after a total of 1 hours worth of eating Chuck's shirt had groan tremendously tight on his drum like belly.

Steve saw that Chuck's shirt wouldn't last long on that drum of a belly. So he got his dad Max to take off Chuck's shirt. That was because Steve was almost asleep. So Max took off Chuck's shirt and said,"I hope you boys saved room for desert." But Chuck had already fallen asleep. So Max picked up Chuck and took him to Steve's room which was huge and had 2 king size beds in it, he layed Chuck on the left one. Then he went back and got his son and carried him back to his room where he could sleep.

After a 3 hour nap Chuck woke up. Steve and Max were standing beside him. Max asked if the boys wanted any desert. Chuck said, "Ok, just keep it small." Max looked at him and laughed. Steve said, "Dad can you get me a gallon of soft serve ice cream?" Max said, "Sure Steve, but how about 2 just incase you get hungery later?" Steve said, "Sure!!!"

Max went to get the desert. Chuck wondered how his shirt got off. So he asked Steve. Steve said, "I had my dad take it off, because it wouldn't hold much longer." Chuck laughed and said, "Well your mom is a wonderful cook." Steve laughed and poked Chuck's belly and said, "I know."

Chuck looked at the clock on the wall and said, "Oh man, I'm late I should have been home already!!!" But Steve looked at Chuck and said, "Don't worry my mom took care of it. Your mom said you could spend the week end here."
Chuck just looked at Steve in amazement.

Just then Max opened the door and brought in a triple chocolate cake, and 2 gallons of ice cream. He set them on Steve's bed and left. So Chuck and Steve sat on Steve's bed an talked about stuff. The food, movies, games and ect....

Finally after an hour of talking and eating both Chuck and Steve were full. Chuck only ate 1/4 of his cake, But Steve had eaten his entire gallon of ice cream and layed on his back and patted his belly, with look of contentness in in his face.

Chuck was about to go to sleep when he heard Steve get out of bed and someone at the door. He opened his eyes and saw Steve and Max standing over Chuck's bed. Steve was holding a funnel. Max was holding the other gallon of ice cream and the other 3/4 of the chocolate cake.

Steve placed the funnel in Chuck's mouth and stepped back. Then Max moved and sat on Chuck's bed and proceded to pour the gallon of ice cream into Chuck's already full belly. Chuck gargled, "Please stop!!!"

But Max didn't. He motioned for his son Steve to come over and help. Right when Steve did his dad Max left the room. Chuck and Steve were all alone, with the exception of the food. Chuck looked at Steve and smiled. Steve wasted no time he dumped all of the ice cream into the funnel. Chuck gulped as fast as he could on his back in bed. Then Steve got the cake and hand fed it to Chuck. Chuck felt like he was going to explode. Then Chuck fell asleep.

The clock next to the bed read "6:00 a.m. Saturday."
Chuck rolled over to find Steve laying there with the rest of the cake, eating it. Chuck laughed and patted Steve's fattening belly. Steve laughed and then hopped on Chuck's belly.

Chuck looked on the table by the bedside and saw it filled with donuts, waffles, and pancakes. Chuck told Steve, "This my friend is heaven."
Steve nodded in response, and started eating his own fattening breakfast.

Then after they were done they layed belly to belly gently rubbing eachothers. Max walked in and saw them. They both bolted up terrified. But Max simply smiled and said, "You boys have fun last night?" Chuck and Steve looked at eachother and nodded. Max then went over and patted both boy's bellies making them jiggle and laughed saying that is was good to have 2 growing boys in the house. He then reach behind him and pulled out two 5 gallon buckets. Each was filled with eggs, sasuage, syrup, and bacon. Max then said, "Boys you aren't fat enough yet, but me and wife will help you out. Now dig in."

Chuck and Steve just nodded and started eating. Chuck ate all of his in the first hour. But Steve couldn't finish the last 3 gallons. Steve turned to Chuck and said, "Chuck I want you to be huge." then Steve hopped once again onto Chuck's belly and started feeding him. Chuck was honestly in Heaven.

Then Steve just layed by Chuck and rubbed his every expanding belly. Chuck just layed there witha smile. Steve told Chuck he had a secret. Chuck asked, "What?". Steve said, "Your mom agreed to let you move in with us." Chuck just looked like Christmas had come early this year.

After that bit of amazing news. Chuck and Steve began to really gain weight. By the end of the weekend Chuck weighed 250lbs, Steve was 190lbs and they were all happy. Then they went off to college and became roomates. So from then on Steve and now his dad Max and his mom started to feed Chuck every night, while Steve however had his dad Max and his mom feed him every day. From then on the became best friends and belly buddies.

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