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Old 30th March 2007, 09:18 PM
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The Bakery(From FatNat's Archive)

The Bakery
By: Huskyteen, Nov. 2001

It was a small bakery located a few miles out of the city limits. The brick building had been re-renovated, leaving the store front cozy and warm, while having the back bakery refitted with new ovens, sinks, and freezers. Business was up, and with the extra customers, the owner decided to hire another worker.

Tom was in his late 20's, and the bakery was his first business after completing cooking school. After graduating, he worked on and off at restaurants as a chef, but he hated the rush and long hours. So when he drove by the small bakery for sale, he decided to give it a shot. He had spent every last penny he had to get the business into the 21st Century. The re-renovations had been exhausting, but they were over and done with, and now business was great. The ovens were baking all day, his two other workers working 9 to 5, and he would stay to close up shop at 9pm. This 5 to 9 shift was tiresome for Tom. He had to finish baking pastries and pies for the next day, while cleaning bowls, pans, and anything else he could find, all at the same time. Basically he had six hours of work to complete in four hours, and he found himself getting worn out after a few months of the routine.

He decided to place an ad in the paper. A tiny, insignificant ad that was drowning in a page of bold ads that caught the eye. He knew it wouldn't attract anyone, but he knew if he didn't place an ad, he would be kicking himself for it later on.

A week went by, and Tom heard nothing from the ad. He continued his closing routine and continued to wear himself out. He knew he couldn't advertise for help too much, because he was overloaded with bills and costs for the bakery.

As he was placing a pecan pie in the oven at about 7pm one night, he heard the bells over the entrance dingle. He strode over to the counter and said hello to a group of high school students. Two of them said hi back, the rest just wandered down the displays in search of something sweet.

"Can I help you find anything?" Tom asked the group.

A handsome guy in the bunch turned around and replied, "No thanks, just looking."

Tom nodded and gave a smile then went back behind the counter and wiped some of the glass windows clean. Below the display window was a batch of apple turnovers, moist and gooey, drizzled with frosting.

A few minutes passed before three of the teens came to the counter and bought half a dozen doughnuts, six chocolate cake cubes (completely covered in chocolate frosting and rolled in chocolate sprinkles), and a dozen peanut butter cookies. Then they were off, and the store was empty again.

Tom sighed, and returned to baking. He was tired, and took off his white apron. He looked down at his little stomach poking out at his shirt from underneath. He was a solid man, about 220lbs, mostly muscle he had built before cooking school, and six feet tall. He was very attractive, although the long days had made him constantly tired, and it was now showing.

The night ended just like any other and he went to his home where he slept until the next morning. Again, he was exhausted by 7pm, and was now putting two apple pies in the oven, when the bell dingled at the door.

He went to the counter where he found the attractive guy from the group of teens the night before.

"Hello," he said, stretching out his hand.

Tom shook hands with the teen and said hello in return.

"My name is Darren Reid. I was here last night. I saw your ad in the newspaper last week and was just wondering if you still needed help?" Darren asked.

Tom half laughed and gave a smile.

"Yes. Yes, I do," Tom was ecstatic. Finally, a reply to his ad!

"Great! Well, here's my resume," Darren handed Tom two sheets of paper. Tom glanced down at the papers... '18 years old'...'graduating high school this year'...'former employment: Hazelnut Café'...'reason for leaving: Business closed down'...

"If it's possible, could you call me by next Friday to tell me yes or no. I'm also applying to other places, and another place already has me lined up for an interview then. It's not my favourite choice, but they were the first to call," Darren grinned.

Tom nodded and smiled. Darren shook Tom's hand once more before leaving,

"Hope to hear from you!"

Just before Darren pushed the door open to leave, Tom spoke up.

"What would be your favourite choice?" Tom asked.

Darren stopped and turned around, "What?"

"What would be your favourite choice?" Tom asked again, a little louder, making his voice audible.

"Oh, well, this place..." Darren said, blushing.

"Oh, okay," Tom said in reply and looked back down at the resume. Darren pushed the door open again.

"Oh, and Darren, you're hired." Tom said, not looking up from the resume. Darren stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Tom still looking at his resume, with a enormous smile on his face.


Darren started work the next night. Tom showed him everything he needed to know. He would help Tom close shop every other night, and be the only one to work with him on Sunday's (that was one day Tom worked alone on before). The two were very excited. Darren had a job he liked, with a man who was friendly, kind, and attractive. Darren found himself very comfortable around him, and at times, he felt very close to him.

Tom felt the same way. This was a dream come true. He had help and he didn't feel run down anymore. Plus, Darren was so friendly and good with the customers... cute too.

Darren was about six feet tall too, but he carried a bit more heft. He was about 240lbs, most of it in a sack of soft fat on his gut. He carried it well, but Tom liked to see it bounce when he walked around the store. Weeks went by and Tom was back to his normal self. Darren was happy, the new income had his bank account full. Tom found time to get back to the gym, and Darren found more of his time at the bakery. When he wasn't at the bakery, he was at home playing computer, or doing homework.

So with Tom at the gym, he began to loose his little belly, and with Darren getting no exercise, he found his little belly bulging more and more. After a month of working at the bakery, he put on 10lbs. He didn't mind at all. He had always been big, and it seemed the more weight he put on, the less girls wanted to go out with him. Which was also fine by him, because it was guys he was interested in.

Tom never developed his abs, he never liked having them before, he just wanted a smooth body, and to be in shape. He got his weight down to 205lbs and kept his weight there. But he was taking interest in Darren's growth...


Darren was at 255lbs when he came into work with a brand new outfit. Tom looked up from the ovens and looked Darren up and down.

"What's with the new clothes Dare (Tom's nickname for Darren)?" Tom asked. Darren looked down at his new clothes, and new gut...

"Uh, I kind of outgrew my old clothes," he replied with a smirk.

Tom just laughed. Inside he felt like walking up to him and lifting up Darren's shirt. He wanted to feel Darren's belly, let his fingers sink into that soft blob of fat hanging from Darren's front.

"That's what the bakery will do to you, Dare," Tom replied. "But hey, think of it this way, you get a new outfit every couple months."

Darren laughed, resting his hand on his belly.

"Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it at all. I've always been a big guy, if I gain a pound or two, I don't worry about it," he said, giving a pat to his gut.

"Shows you've got a healthy appetite, and it tells the customers the food is good. So go ahead and gain as much as you want!" Tom laughed.

"I'll keep that in mind..." Darren laughed as he slipped on his apron. That's when Tom got an idea. He thought to himself, 'He doesn't mind the weight, and seems open to gaining, so push it further...'

"Hey Darren? How would you like to take home as much leftover food as you want at the end of the day?" Tom asked.

"Oh God, do you know how fat I'd get??" Darren exclaimed, a hand on the side of his belly.

"Come on, it's not like I'm asking you to be so fat that you can't move... It's just good for business, and hey, if business goes up even more, than I'll give you a 20 percent raise," Tom bargained. Darren was stunned.

"20 percent raise??? Really?" Darren asked in disbelief.

"Lets make it 25 percent," Tom grinned.

"Oh my God... 25 percent for eating pastries?? Are you serious?"

"Oh yeah. Customers have commented on you. You're a big part of this team, and I want to make sure you feel welcome. But I also want the customers to know that our food is good and that you enjoy them. So, if can stand to put on some more extra pounds, I'll give you that 25 percent raise. Plus, all the extra food that's left at the end of the night is completely yours," Tom explained, feeling himself get turned on.

"Sure... I mean... whoa. This is unbelievable... and you're serious... Well, thank you so much Tom! I don't know what else to say!" Darren said as he gave Tom a little half hug.

"You don't have to say anything, just make sure you get a big appetite," Tom laughed and patted Darren's belly.

It was just as he imagined it. The belly was so soft and jelly-like. It jiggled around and bounced up and down as Tom patted it. Darren stood there, and feeling himself start to get hard, placed his own hand on top of Tom's and stopped the jiggling.

"I got to use the washroom Tom," he laughed. "All this excitement has got me wanting to pee."

They both laughed.

Darren hurried off to the bathroom to collect his thoughts, and to let his hard on die down. This was incredible! His boss was paying him to eat all the sweets he wants and it didn't cost him a cent! He felt himself get even more turned on.

Tom collected his thoughts too. He had to stay professional. But just the thought of this cute guy gaining pound after pound until he becomes a blubbery butterball was too much excitement. He was more turned on than he ever had been in his life.


Days passed by and Tom began to bake a lot more, just so there would be a huge amount of food left over at the end of the day. The more that was left over, the more Darren ate, and Darren ATE.

The first day, he took home every last pastry on the racks and devoured them on the way home. He knew if his parents ever saw the food, they'd fear their son was becoming lazy and too fat. But that was just the case. He would sit in his car on the side of the road and swallow every last morsel of the gooey, sweet, frosting covered pastry.

This went on for two months, and with the extra fat going into Darren's lazy body, he gained 20lbs a month, 40lbs in total. It was definitely showing too. His friends poked him and called him "Teddy". He didn't mind, and actually enjoyed the attention. Plus he was able to buy bigger clothes easily because of his extra pay.


Tom watched in pure joy as Darren walked in the door one Sunday morning, wearing an old T-shirt and old pants. They strained at the seems and his belly jiggled as it hung out below the bottom of the T-shirt. He was now 295lbs.

Tom had told him to wear old clothes because they would spending the day cleaning the entire store. The store was now closed every Sunday so the two could get a head start on the week by cleaning the store top to bottom, and baking all the food needed for the next day.

So with the store closed, the two got to work cleaning. Tom gave Darren a scrub brush and told him that the area behind the counter needed a good scrub. So Darren got to work, waddling and swaying as he bent down to clean the shelves underneath the cash register. Tom just watched in lust. Darren's massive ass strained on the old sweat pants, and the crack was exposed at the top. His shirt rode up in the back, revealing a plump back. His body swayed and jiggled with each movement, the scrubbing made his body ripple steadily.

Tom was completely hard and had to leave to the washroom and wait until he calmed down. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't. Finally, he just tucked himself in just a way so that his hard on could not be seen. He made his way back to the store front and found himself staring at Darren, now up on a step ladder, wiping clean the menu sign that hung over the counter. Darren's face was hidden behind the sign, but his belly was facing Tom. His shirt had ridden up in front as he wiped the top of the sign, almost out of reach.

The belly fat just hung out like loose dough, jiggling and swaying with each wipe. His bellybutton squished up and down, below it was a thin strip of hair, leading into his pants.

Tom swallowed hard and walked up to Darren. He reached up over the counter and grabbed the blubbery belly with his hand. Darren jumped, not expecting a thing, and looked down at Tom with a grin.

"How's that for a few pounds?" Darren asked shyly.

"It's amazing. You're doing good, Dare," Tom said quietly, preoccupied with his hand on the soft fat.

Tom slid his hand over the belly fat and slid his finger into the bellybutton, and shook it. The fat rippled, stirred, and swayed. Darren tried hard not to get himself turned on.

"How much can you eat at one time Dare?" Tom asked, removing his hand from the blob of softness.

"Uh... I'm not sure. Last night I ate everything that was left. So that would be... let's see... 9 chocolate cake cubes, 12 doughnuts, half of that black forest cheesecake, 18 cherry balls, 3 oatcakes, 8 apple turnovers, 3 pieces of the chocolate cake, and some of one of your pecan pies..." Darren said with a proud smile.

"Some of the pecan pie? You took home a whole pie," Tom said, moving closer to Darren, placing his hand back on his belly.

"Umm, yeah... I could only finish 6 pieces," Darren said, sheepishly.

"6 pieces out of 8..." Tom grabbed a love handle. "Well, how are you feeling today? Hungry?"

Darren was so turned on, his hard on pressing out on the sweat pant fabric, but he didn't care anymore... He was lost in desires.

"I came early this morning, and I've been baking since 5am. The storage room has a surprise for you," Tom said, leading Darren to the storage room. Tom opened the door and snapped on the light. The room was stocked with about 10 pies, 4 trays of chocolate cake squares, 3 trays of turn overs, and 3 cakes. Darren stood motionless, not knowing what Tom wanted him to do.

"Eat," Tom said. Nothing more.

"What? All this? But what about the food for tomorrow?" Darren asked.

"It's in the freezer. This is for you. I want you to eat it," Tom lead Darren into the storage room.

"Why?" Darren asked, wanting the truth to come out. Tom gazed at Darren's flabby body.

"Because I want you bigger... much bigger."

"How much bigger Tom?" he asked.

"I want you huge."

"Why? Tell me why," Darren asked again.

"Because... I think you know why Dare. I know you know why. And I know you want to be huge..." Tom whispered.

"I know," Darren replied.

With that, Tom grabbed a hunk of cake and lowered Darren onto a crate. He held his fat head from behind as he slowly brought his cake covered hand to Darren's fat cheeks. He opened his mouth and Tom slid his hand in. He licked and sucked at every finger, getting every last drop of frosting of the skin. He moaned in delight. The cake was delicious.

So the two sat there for the rest of the day. Tom slowly feeding Darren every last crumb, while Darren ate anything that went into his mouth. After all the food was eaten, and the belly was full of fattening goodies, Tom pulled off Darren's inadequate shirt and took off his own. The two sat half naked, staring at each other's bodies.

Tom was smooth, his stomach covered in very fine hair, his body lightly tanned, his rugged looks and beautiful eyes made Darren's head feel light. Darren was also smooth, but with fat. Covered with thick rolls and heavy blubber, his belly hung over his sweat pants and his fat chest hung off him. He was beyond what Tom ever imagined.

The two quietly hugged each other, and laid down on the crates. They stayed like that for hours, just feeling the warmth of the other, feeling the contrast in bodies.

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Old 31st March 2007, 06:40 PM
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Quite possibly my favorite gainer story of all time
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Old 31st March 2007, 10:07 PM
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I agree. This one always got to me! I never previously saw the second part until now, and actually had been planning on writing my own continuation to the story of Tom and Darren. Now I don't have to!
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Old 6th April 2007, 05:26 PM
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I enjoyed this section very much. It was written with much effort and was a wonderful tale to read. I am definately interested in this story, and I am glad that I got to read it.
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Old 10th April 2007, 08:24 PM
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I would just like to say that I absolutely love this story! It's one of my all time favorites.
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Old 10th April 2007, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Shauru View Post
I can't wait!
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Old 11th September 2007, 12:18 AM
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Wow...this just made my day! Not going to lie...this story was AMAZING!
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Old 8th July 2008, 01:56 AM
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wow that was so good i really liked it a lot...a lot good job
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Old 8th July 2008, 11:27 PM
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Nice, compelling story.
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Old 9th July 2008, 01:46 AM
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I'm waiting to see how this ends. Let's hope they don't eat-up the profits.
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