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Old 27th December 2010, 07:09 AM
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awesome! :] I'm excited. Haha
My Name's Lance, i'm a 16 year old high school guy. talk to me. i won't bite :]
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Old 27th December 2010, 08:00 AM
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It's not much different, but I added a little more pizazz and hopefully better grammar.

Part One:

Sounds of a button-mashing frenzy on a game controller came from the darkness of a bedroom. The room held a collection of stray socks that you might never find the right match, a dirty shirt heaped in a pile that has probably never been washed for weeks, and an un-made bed with sheets and pillows hanging over it. The light from a television illuminated the room as the orchestra of button mashing, bullets, and shouts of game characters carried throughout the house.

Ryan never knew that video games could alter his life. Video games provided a way to escape the boredoms of summer and he understood that he hadn't seen sunlight for a while. Ryan was ok with that, plus he never saw anything wrong with it. All the kids at school played video games and he was content with sitting in front of his television and tried to improve his gamerscore.

Being an above average sized kid growing up, Ryan understood that exercise was important, but sports didn’t fancy him at all, and the gym was hard to access on a day to day basis. Not being the most social kid either gave him hard times being able to interact with kids and doing various activities during the long dog days of summer. He used video games as his scapegoat, even though his parents didn’t approve of it and always pushed for other things. Ryan preferred to plop himself down in a chair, grab a controller, have a stash of food and drinks with him at all times, and play nonstop.

Every time he gets a shower, Ryan checks his weight. He noticed a climb in weight since school let out, but it was of no concern.

"268? That's more than last time"

Ryan before the summer weighed 260, and had gained 8 in a little more than a month. But without a worry in the world, Ryan took a quick shower and went back to what he does best.

Playing on Xbox Live allows interaction with fellow gamers, and Ryan usually talked with ones he's played with. Spanning from age and location, Ryan talked to them like friends and he enjoyed it. One kid he met, Andrew, talked to Ryan on a day to day basis and they have become very good internet buddies. They were both the 17, in fact they learned they're only weeks different in age.

With headset intact, Ryan invited Andrew to a "party" and they decided to talk with each other.

"Hey Ryan"

"Hey Andrew, I was playing Call of Duty and I just increased my prestige a lot"

"That’s sweet dude. I might not be able to play or talk to you for a while. I'm moving to Delaware area cause my dad got a new job"

"Where about? I live there."

Ryan and Andrew found out that they'll live minutes away from each other. Only a 5 minute ride on a highway separated them. Ryan was excited to hear this because they've always wanted to meet up some day.

A week later, after checking his weight, Ryan saw he jumped another two pounds to 270.

"No worries."

A week later, Ryan sees that Andrew has logged on, which is the first time since they last talked. Quickly sending Andrew an invite to chat, Ryan questioned him about his move.

"The move was easier than expected. It was hard to leave, but I like my new house and I think it’s not all too bad here."

"Hey Andrew, you know how you always wanted to meet up some day?"

"Yeah, it’s awesome how close we are now!"

"Well do you want to come over and hang out? We can play games or just pig out?"

"Haha, I'd love to. Two things I do best!"

Ryan and Andrew exchanged information and quickly made plans. Both Ryan and Andrew's parents had a hard time believing they met online, but Andrew's parents drove over to Ryan's and met Ryan's mother and father.

Ryan was shocked to see what Andrew looked like. With two athletically fit looking parents, Andrew looked displaced. Andrew was bigger than Ryan, and was a little shorter than he was.

After a lengthy “meet and greet”, Andrew's parents pulled out of the driveway and went on their way.

"Ryan, me and dad are going to go food shopping. We're out of the essentials and we're gonna stock up." Pizza is ready on the table. I hope 4 pies are enough. Extras can be lunch tomorrow, alright?"

"Yes, mom. When will you be back?"

"About an hour or two, so behave boys."

Ryan’s parents left and Ryan and Andrew were left alone with 4 pizzas and video games.

"Grab the pizzas, and I'll grab soda and cups."

"Where are we going?"

"My bedroom, it’s the first room on the right at the top of the stairs"

Andrew made his way up the steps, with Ryan slowly following. Ryan cleaned up his room a bit, so the dirty clothing and bed were cleaned up. The two pulled up chairs and placed the food and refreshments on Ryan's desk.

The two ate and talked about life. They both easily got along and no problems sharing each other's personal stuff. They talked just about everything.

With on one pizza left, the two looked at each other and Ryan was trying to talk but struggled. He knew that his parents are expecting leftovers, but Ryan wanted more. Finally with something to say, Ryan asked if he wanted anymore.

"You still hungry Andrew?"

"...Yeah, duh. I could go for another pie just myself"

Ryan was mixed with shock and happiness, Ryan and Andrew opened the box and engulfed the pizza.

One piece was left and both Ryan and Andrew had a hand on it. They gave a stare down. With a full mouth of Mountain Dew, Andrew spit the soda out and laughed.

"Darn it, my shirts all wet now. Do you mind I borrow one of yours? We're about the same size I think…"

Ryan was shocked, a guy of Andrew's size and stature compared himself to him and he didn't know how to react; with anger or content. Ryan didn’t care about his size and he knew he packed the pounds this summer, but he never knew he looked about the same size as him. Andrew seemed at least two sizes larger. Ryan pulled out a shirt we doesn’t wear and handed it to Andrew.

Andrew pulled off his Mountain Dew drenched shirt off and stood up. Laughing, he patted his own belly and gave it a jiggle. With his jaw wide open and eyes glued to his friend, Ryan was in awe; he has never seen so much fat in his life. Rolls of fat hung down and his man boobs were prominent and round. His arms looked as if they were inflated with air. Fat was everywhere. Ryan jokingly made a remark to Andrew.

"Haha nice chest you got there. You're ripped! Pretty sexy if you want to ask me."

With no reply, Andrew put Ryan's shirt on and continued to play.

After an awkward pause, a loud tearing sound was heard. Down the back of the shirt, a large rip was seen.

Andrew sarcastically said to Ryan "You know I'm ripped! Haha! Oh my good ol' gut, I love it. Gaining for the past few years has really worked out well. I really have packed the pounds on now!"

"Huh? Gaining?"

"I try to gain weight and get fatter. Don't you? You have a nice sized gut, man, and I’d only assume you do. It looks really good, even with that shirt on. Maybe soon you'll be able to get to my size. It be really cool if we did it together. It’d be something we could do as new friends."

Ryan was confused that Andrew did such a thing, but the thought of him eating and getting bigger wasn't so bad. He imagined himself fatter than he was and he kind of enjoyed it. Ryan didn’t care about his weight, but never liked the thought of trying to get skinny. Too much work for him, he'd always think, but getting fat allowed him to do more of what he loved, playing video games and eat food.

"No I don't, but it sounds pretty cool. I’d love to at least try it out.
“That is great! I’m happy for you. You’re gonna love the feeling of being plumped up like me, and this is nothing! I’m like a toothpick compared to others online. You should see them!”
“To be honest, you're gut looks huge. I couldn’t imagine people being bigger than this. Well, I could, but I’ve never seen too many large people. Maybe the occasional person in the mall or fast food joint, but not too often. How long have you been doing this type of thing?'

"A good two and a half years. I used to be athletic like my parents, but my knee got busted while playing hockey on a dirty hit into the boards. Doctors kinda messed up on the surgery and I was told I’d never have an official full recovery. It’s fully functional when I walk, but when I ran or had skates on, I couldn’t handle the pressure that was put on it. Plus, I didn’t enjoy the sport, at all. It was forced upon me. But for some reason, I have liked the thought of being fat, so I gained a few pounds over time during my “recovery stage”, and I saw the results on my body, and it was great. I felt more relaxed and normal. So, I decided to pursue it more, and with help from online sites, I continued on and here I am today. My parents for some reason haven’t made a fuss, which I am pleased with the most. Being an XXXL is awesome. And sorry about your shirt... whoops it’s an XXL. I thought it would fit, but even a XXXL doesn’t fit sometimes. I should’ve checked prior to putting it on. Mind if I stay shirtless and let my shirt dry ‘til your parents get home?"

"It’s ok. And anything is fine with me. Just do what you prefer."

The rest of the time, the two were gaming and talking about gaining. Ryan flashed peaks at the flabs of fat on Andrew and would quickly look back at the TV screen. Ryan wanted to get feedback from Andrew about his gut, so he tried to doctor up a plan that didn’t make his ambitions so obvious. So he drank a bit of soda and "accidently" spilled the cup on his shirt.

"Crap, I died; I shouldn't have been drinking while driving in the tank, right?”
“Haha, yeah dude. That’s a big spill on your shirt. It looks like the soda is attracted to our guts or something. Cause, look, half the bottle has got to be absorbed into our shirts. Want me to grab you another one? I see a few on the floor next to me. They’re probably clean.”
“I'm fine, I'll leave it on. The spill is not too bad. It will dry shortly."

Ryan laughed out loud and continued playing.
“The soda is all over your shirt, it’s gotta feel uncomfortable. Take it off. I got my shirt off and you did pretty much the same thing as me. I don’t want to be alone here man! Come on, join me! The air feels great on my gut."

Ryan's plan worked. He wanted to take his shirt off to kind of show off his gut to Andrew and see his reaction, and it worked perfectly.

"Ok I guess, if you want me to. Don’t laugh at me."

Ryan, within milliseconds, stood up and quickly stripped his shirt off. He stayed standing, and stretched out his arms and tried to push out his gut to make it appear bigger. With a quick glimpse over at his friend, he sat and played, waiting patiently for Andrew to say something. No luck. He patted his gut twice. No luck. He then decided just to announce it so he’d have to get a response.

"Well here's my gut. Nothing special, it's small compared to yours. I said don’t laugh, so do not judge it. I have never tried to officially gain yet."

"No way, not at all. Don't downplay it. If I thought we were the same size, we gotta be close in size. I’m sure eating pizza helped make you appear bigger, but it couldn’t have done too much. It looks great for a starter. You got great moobs to accompany that lovely gut. Be proud of it, but not too proud, cause you need to get it bigger. Just eat a lot and I’m sure you’ll begin to fill out more. If we do this more often I'm sure we can get more pizzas and pig out some more. Next time can be at my house. I can even order extra pies if we want. I also got a lot of frozen foods like hot pockets and pizza rolls we can make. My parents like to fill up their freezer cause they aren’t home most of the day cause of their jobs and they just leave me with all the food so I can feed myself dinner. Plus I got the Xbox at my house, so we can’t sit, eat, play, all day long."

"That sounds awesome. I'd love to. Summer is half way done also, so we gotta do something before school starts up. I see my car’s headlights, my parents must be home."

The Ryan’s parents pulled up into the driveway and both boys quickly slipped their shirts on and went downstairs to greet them. Before the parents opened the door, Andrew gave Ryan a pat on the stomach and said to him,

"Sooner or later, bud. I'll help you and you can help me. It looks great even now. I’m sure we could accomplish a lot if we work at it together. I’m looking forward to it."
Defiantly, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to officially begin. It will be something at work at besides gaming. It’ll be a nice motivation to reach for and achieve something I want to do. It will be great.”

The two sat on the sofa in the living room on flashed on the television. The door knob opened and Ryan's parents came in. The boys popped up out of the sofa and helped bring in the groceries. Ryan accompanied his father and went to drop off Andrew at his house.

It was the start of a great friendship, and it started with gaming.
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Old 28th December 2010, 07:12 AM
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I lied, the 2nd part will be posted January 1st, 2011 due to lack of time.

once again, sorry for the delay.
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Old 26th January 2011, 04:06 AM
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Please finish this
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Old 9th February 2011, 11:37 PM
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You also lied again. :-)
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Old 12th February 2011, 09:19 PM
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I love this story~
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Old 20th February 2011, 03:06 PM
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I hope there is more to come.
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Old 27th March 2011, 04:53 PM
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great start
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Old 11th April 2011, 10:19 AM
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Great setting! You must finish this!
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Old 11th April 2011, 09:39 PM
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i completely forgot about this! im so sorry everyone. if i get time to finish the next part, i will. I'm sorry.
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