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Old 3rd December 2006, 11:34 PM
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Country Bear Pitstop

I thought I'd upload a story here and see what kinda response I get. The characters in this story are the country bears, while they arent human, I do have a good bit of weight gain in this story, so I hope its on topic ^^;

Country Bear Pit stop by Wolfgang wolf
Country bears copyright of Disney
Ted Bedderhead
Fred Bedderhead
Zeb Zoober
Tennessee O’ Neal

The huge bus traveled at a steady pace, the sound of good music could be heard from it as they traveled along. The large “Country Bears” sign along it could be seen by all who looked so it was apparent who they were, ever since they met Beary and rejoined; things had been going smoothly for them. Show after show had been booked and each one sold out. Occasionally people would get a free concert as the bears drove by, playing their music loudly as they drove for practice as they were doing now.
Ted was sitting in the back seat, laying back slightly as he plucked away at his guitar and began to sing one of their old tunes, the large brown bear tilted his shades some to get a better view out the window as he did and he glanced over at the others who were slowly beginning to join in the song. Fred, who had just finished gulping down a HUGE ham sandwich, began to chime in with his harmonica, tapping his foot rhythmically to the beat as he did. Zeb picked up his fiddle after finishing off his favorite brand of pooh bear honey and smiled to himself as the song slowly began to come together. Finally Tennessee who was sighing to himself as he looked at a picture of his beloved bear Trixie began to join in the song, singing back up as he usually did. Their driver nodded his head at the sound and drove almost in tune with them as the bears played for fun and practice as well.
A few minutes passed and they finished their song, putting away their instruments in their respective cases, when suddenly a loud rumble could be heard inside the bus! The bus driver looked behind him, looking somewhat surprised and then chuckled to himself to find that it was just their stomachs!
“Heh, you guys hungry back there?” he asked obviously knowing the answer.
“Heh, how’d you know?” Ted said, walking toward the front of the bus, his stomach growling louder by the second.
“Well I know a pretty good place!” Ted said sauntering up to the front and placed his paw on his brother’s shoulder.
“Fred I think you know just about ANY place that has food!” Ted laughed to himself and pat his brother on his belly.
Fred laughed back as well; “well you’re not exactly the slimmest bear around yerself!” Fred said and poked Ted; he then began to direct the driver to some buffet place the large bear knew of.
Another hour had to have gone by before they actually reached the buffet and the bears were on the verge of starvation! They parked their Bus and got off one by one, stretching and yawning as they did looking over the rather large restaurant.
Zeb walked over to Fred and pat the bear on the back, “Well I have to hand it to you Fred this looks like a pretty nice place!” He smiles and chuckled to himself as he walked toward the entrance. “Wow, we haven’t eaten at a place like this for a while!” Tennessee said following Zeb, Fred and Ted followed quickly after.
The Buffet almost had a country kind of style to it, despite the fact that they made all kinds of food here. The stopped and looked around a bit, there weren’t that many people there surprisingly, maybe a couple here or there but no serious business. Of course the first thing that caught their eyes was the 4 or 5 rows of food at the buffet tables. They had to catch themselves from nearly drooling as a human waitress walked up to them politely and spoke.
“Hello boys what can I do for…hey wait a minute, you look awfully familiar…Wait a minute! You’re the country Bears!” She said looking rather shocked and excited!
“Yup, that’s us!” Fred said smiling at her.
“Oh my goodness! I love you guys! Please, let me take you to your table!” She said and quickly grabbed 4 menus and walked over to the largest table in the restaurant, it was a huge round table, almost reminiscent of King Arthur’s table. They sat down and began to look through the menus eagerly to see what they had…but everything looked so good!
Finally after much arguing and indecision the bears finally huddled together and decided while the waitress waited eagerly to take their orders.
“Well are you boys ready?” She said taking out here pad and pen. Ted Cleared his throat and spoke to her in his deep rough voice, “yes, we would like 8 orders of everything on your menu.” He said casually, yet her eyes went wide! That was enough food for each of them to eat everything on the menu twice! And considering that the menu itself was a bout 5 or 6 pages long they had their work cut out for them this day!
She finally stopped being amazed by the order and stumbled over her words for a second before she asked them what they wanted to drink.
“Um, and uh, what do you guys want to drink with that?” She said still waiting with her pen and pad.
Zeb ordered first, “I’d like 2 kegs of your Best Pooh Bear honey please!” he smiled at her and she quickly took down the order, she then turned to Tennessee who ordered 2 kegs of Iced tea, Fred who ordered 2 kegs of chocolate Milk and Ted who ordered the same as Zeb.
“Um ok, will that be all?” She asked not expecting an answer but sure enough they gave her one. “Yes, that’ll be all…until the dessert menu that is!” Tennessee laughed and she nodded happily to them and ran off to the kitchen. Suddenly Zeb yelled out, “and you can bring it to us as soon as each plate is ready!” He smiled and sat back in his chair, preparing his napkin.
The four bears sat and waited in the surprisingly roomy booth, they began to grow somewhat impatient though as about 10 or 15 minutes went by then suddenly…
“Ok boys! First orders up!” the perky waitress smiled to them and dropped off a large plate of chicken strips, the other waiters and waitresses followed by placing two large bowls of mashed potatoes, a vat of gravy, a large dish of macaroni and cheese, a plate full of thick juicy steaks, a large bowl of beef stew, 4 huge bowls of spaghetti and meat balls, and another plate of hot buttered corn on the cob! And that was just the first wave of orders!
The Four bears grew wide eyed as they saw and smelled the food before them! It was quite obvious they had not eaten like this in some time.
They wasted no time as they hungrily tore in the food placed before them, Fred picked the large bowl of beef stew (which contained at least 5 gallons of the stuff!) and dumped his face into it sloppily and began gulping it down. The others watched for a moment as he finished half the bowl and pulled his head out, the stew soaking his fur. They continued to look on for a moment and finally he spoke…
“This stuffs great!” he belched and continued to gulp down the brew, this was all they needed to confirm the onslaught of eating that was about to begin! The remaining three (who had slightly better table manners) grabbed their bear sized plates and reached for each piece of food available. Ted grabbed 3 steaks, about half a bowl of mashed potatoes which he covered in the thick and rich gravy, about 5large scoops of macaroni and 4 ears of corn. Zeb took one of the punch bowls of spaghetti and covered it in the tasty and delicious tomato sauce (followed by the meat balls) he took half the plate of chicken strips, and the remaining 4 steaks. Tennessee (who waited a bit too long) settled for the remaining macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meat balls, and mashed potatoes (which he covered in the remainder of the gravy).
The waitress who hadn’t left yet was watching almost transfixed with what she saw. The four bears quickly demolishing the food who would have taken about 10 guests and hour to finish. Fred who had already tossed aside the huge bowl of stew began to stuff his face with some of his Brother Ted’s macaroni, as his belly already bobbed from being full of hot stew. Ted paid no attention and munched happily at the steaks, drenching them in A1 sauce prior to his ravenous consumption, his belly growling loudly as it anticipated the coming food. Zeb, who had already downed the large bowl of spaghetti and looked quite funny with large sauce stains on his muzzle and shirt, had moved on to the chicken strips and was gulping them down with minimal trouble. Finally was Tennessee who had already finished his first serving of food and was rubbing the noticeable bulge from under his sweater. The others chuckled some seeing this and continued to wolf down their own food. In a few minutes not even scraps remained from the first serving of food, all that could be seen were empty plates and bowls which barely even showed traces of being used as they ate every piece!
Suddenly, with a huge grin on his face the store Manager appeared and stood before them!
“Hello honored guests! It seems you gentlemen have quite an appetite!” he said and patted Fred on his belly and laughed, “I am terribly sorry that you were not given the “special meal” here, our new girl had no idea about our special customers such as you who obviously can eat quite a bit! So, if you will please follow me I will take you to our “special” dining room…” he said and bowed to them as he waited for them to stand.
“Uh, give us a second will ya…” Ted said and signaled for the bears to move in closer. The manager simply nodded and waited for them to finish.
“Wow! This place is great! And now were getting some kind of special treatment on top of it!” Ted said having some difficulty as his gut pressed into the table, “Yeah I know, we have got to come here again some time…just one problem…” Zeb said looking somewhat worried.
“Uh, what’s that?” Fred said looking lost in the matter, “well how are we going to expect to pay for all this stuff?” Zeb said looking in his empty wallet. “Hmmmm, good point there Zeb, hold on…” Tennessee said and turned to the Manager, “Um, excuse me sir but we were wondering, how much is all this going to come to?”
The manager smiled widely again, “No charge at all sir! We are just honored to have you eat here alone, my only payment will be to see that our customers are happy, especially our “special” ones.” He smiled. Tennessee turned back to the others with a huge grin plastered on his face.
“Uh, I don’t know if you guys heard all that but this place is free on top of it!”
“Free?!? Well say no more boys, lets not waste any more time!” Ted said and they all turned back to the waiter.
“Are you gentlemen ready?” The manager asked anxiously.
“Just lead the way partner!” Zeb said regaining his hunger, hearing that the food was free. The Manager nodded and began to walk slowly away from them, the 4 bears shifted uneasily as they tried to leave the booth, already having trouble as their bellies began to touch the table before them. After about 5 minutes of sucking in their guts they finally got out of the booths and followed the manager. He led them into the back of the deceptively small buffet and down a large corridor. Finally after walking a few…dozen feet (which was pretty far for just eating) they reached a room with large wooden doors with very unique designs.
“May I welcome you gentlemen to the eating spa!” The manager said and opened the door, inside were 4 very large tables each filled with all kinds of foods to be found in a restaurant. The bears stood and watched in amazement as they looked, and these tables didn’t even have dessert on them yet!
The Manager smiled seeing the look on their faces and laughed, “now, you have two eating choices, you can either eat on your own or have some of our waitresses or waiters serve you.” He stated and awaited their decisions. Fred and Tennessee decided to have them selves fed while Ted and Zeb just decided to eat on their own, the 4 each went to their respective tables and had their drinks that they ordered waiting for them as well. In a few moments they tied their napkins around their necks and looked over the tables.
The were plates piled high with fried chicken, hamburgers, fried and fresh fish, garlic bread, rolls, biscuits, pork chops, slices of ham, pot roast, ribs, roast turkeys, lasagna, shrimp, lobster and to top it all off freshly baked corn bread, then on the other side were all the foods in large bowls and pots, more of the irresistible beef stew and spaghetti and meat balls, mounds of yams, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, a large bowl of baked beans and last but not least a huge bowl of chili.
A few moments later, 2 of the waitresses from earlier returned and sat beside Fred and Tennessee, smiling and introducing themselves as they were about to begin feeding them. Ted and Zeb however wasted no time at all and began to stuff their faces with the assorted foods.
“Hey the least you guys could do is wait for us!” Fred said just before his waitress began to stuff a few hamburgers into his mouth, not having any complaints there after he allowed her to continue. Zeb sat in sheer bliss as he chugged his huge keg of Honey, not even bothering to pour it into the cup before him. A satisfactory belch could be heard as he stopped for a moment to catch his breath. The others laughed to themselves and continued to eat/be fed contently. Tennessee who was being fed much better now had already gulped down 2 entire pots of beef stew and his shaggy gut hung well into his lap now, his shirt struggling to stay on him as it became tighter with each gulp. The waitress smiled and continued to stuff the bear’s jaws with the variety of food before her, following up the stew with some rolls and garlic bread.
Fred’s waitress on the other hand was having quite some difficulty keeping up with him! Dish after dish emptied into his belly as she gave up feeding him one thing at a time, she dumped plate after plate down his throat, still not going nearly fast enough as the bears now huge gut continued to growl hungrily. She patted his belly playfully as it sat in his lap now, growing and growing more and more as she stuffed him silly. His table was already half empty by the time that the others were onto their second tray! But no one complained or noticed for that matter as they had their own bellies to fill…
Ted looked over at his brother and was determined to finish before him as he suddenly packed plate after plate with the various foods and dumped them into his jaws, crumbs and sauces spilled all over him as suddenly and without warning a rip could be heard as his shirt ripped right down the middle, exposing his thick brown belly fur. The others laughed some and continued their eating without stopping. Zeb was now leaning back in his chair and patting his honey filled belly, a loud BBBBUUUURRRPPPP followed his patting but all that did was give him more room to stuff his face as he quickly began to munch down slice after slice of glazed ham and a rather large trout.
Once again, Tennessee was somewhat behind but decided to savor the taste of the roast turkey and stuffing that was fed to him, he belched some and blushed at the waitress but she simply smiled and continued to feed the shy bear happily….
About an hour later…
Well, they had done it…every table was cleared every plate emptied and every bowl cleared. Every last bit of food had been consumed and every drop of drink hand been drunk. The bears sat contently as they leaned back in their chairs, their bellies sticking out a good 4 or 5 feet in front of them as they rubbed and patted. The bears all sighed in unison as they had their first real meal in a good while. The manager came back with a huge smile as he walked up to them.
“Wow! You guys have some appetite! There is not a can of food left in our kitchen! You’ve eaten everything! I do hope you enjoyed your meal?” The manager said almost happy to be close to being out of business. The bears all burped loud enough to shake the room as the 4 of them and the manager laughed.
“Well I suppose I can take that as a yes!” The manager said and snapped his fingers.
“Well I’m just glad we could be here to enjoy your food, it couldn’t be much better!” Fred laughed, his belly feeling as tight as a drum. The manager laughed again to himself, “oh but that is where you are wrong my friend!”
“Uh, what do you mean?” Fred answered some what groggy.
“You’ve forgotten dessert!” The manager smiled as a few more waitresses carted in tray after tray of fine pastries and such. The bears went wide eyed seeing the tables fill up with all kinds of sweets and goodies as it all began once again.
“Well this has been one heck of a pit stop!” Zeb laughed preparing to dig in again…
The end…or is it?!
To see the world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wildflower.
To Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
An eternity in an hour.
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