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Old 29th August 2006, 10:09 PM
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plane to maimi

A small charter plane is flying from cancun to maimi through a rapidly worsening tropical storm. On board is a mexican, a french-man, an Englishman, and a Texan. Suddenly the plane is hit by a huge gust of wind and one of the two propellers is blown off. The plane begins to dive. The pilot tells his passengers that the plane is too heavy. All but one of them must jump out if he is to make it to the closest airport.

The frenchman, being an idealist, volunteers first. He opens the door, looks out, and shouts "viva la france" and jumps.

The englishman, not wanting to one upped by the frenchman, volunteers next. He opens the door, looks out and shouts "god save the queen" and jumps.

Now the texan doesn't want to be out done by any tory so he volunteers next. He opens the door, looks out and shouts "remember the alamo!" grabs the mexican and throws him out the door.
Old 30th August 2006, 01:08 PM
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A mother and her daughter go to Europe for vacation. They spend their first weekend shopping, eating, and visiting art museums in Paris, and on Monday and Tuesday travel to a small Swiss village, where they hike around for a couple days and see what there is to see. On Friday morning, when they are to leave for Italy, the mother awakens to discover her daughter is gone. None of her daughter's things are in the room, her bed is made up as if nobody was ever there. Even in the rental car her daughter's stuff is gone, save for a single photo under the passenger seat of her daughter. The mother sets out to find her daughter, but everybody she asks denies that they ever saw her daughter.

What happened to the daughter?
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