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Old 22nd December 2007, 02:41 PM
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Growing Up: A Story in 3 Parts

Hey guys,

I've been lurking here for quite a while, but I finally broke down and registered

I wrote a story a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd post it here for feedback. This is going to be a three-part thing (but I guess it's actually just three separate stories that relate to each other, not so much a three-parter), starting with this one. I haven't thought of a title for this one yet (or really the entire series), but I decided to title it "Ryan's Story".

This isn't so much a "gainer" story, per se, though it does have those elements, too.

This is also a work of fiction. The narrator isn't supposed to be me, though the story did stem from my experiences in high school. I did take a bit of dramatic license, though, especially with the gaining portion.

Please let me know what you think. I understand that there are some weak plot points, and some "forced" ideas. Let me know how I can better them!


People always talk about their first love, and how significant that point was in their lives. Mine was even more significant than most others’, I think, because it helped me figure out who I was and what I wanted.

It was sophomore year in high school. I was one of the popular kids; a skater. I didn’t play much sports, but it didn’t matter. I was skinny and hyper. I talked a lot. I was annoying.

It was that summer, when I turned 16, that I started to feel... different... from everyone else. In reality, I had that feeling my entire life, but I only let it come out late at night, when I was alone. It was controllable; manageable. It only happened when I wanted it to. But, over that summer, something changed. I started to get that feeling when I didn’t want it, and that was disturbing for me. It just wasn’t natural, I told myself. Something’s wrong. I’m not supposed to like boys; I’m a guy... I’m supposed to like girls. But truth is, I never had a girlfriend, except for one girl who hung around me, professing her love for me. But we were never really “boyfriend/girlfriend”. It was weird, because while my friends all said I was lucky, because she was “hot”, and what-not, I couldn’t see it. I didn’t want her. I didn’t know why I didn’t want her, but at the same time I did know. Eventually she got tired of me not returning her affection, so she left. I told my friends she was “not my type”, and they all celebrated that I was brave to let such a hot girl go. Man, I was something, I told myself. I could hide that feeling then. I wished I could go back.

That summer, it was like something clicked. One day to the next, I was assaulted by these feelings every time I saw a cute guy. I say “cute”, and not “hot” because I don’t like hot guys. The rugged, firefighter kind doesn’t appeal to me. I like the soft-spoken kind. And the other kind of “soft” as well. And that was what terrified me even more. See, it’s been a secret of mine for even longer than I knew I liked guys: I love chubby guys. I love them with their cute round faces, doughy tummies, and plump cheeks. I don’t know why I do, I just do. It’s something even more inexplicable than being gay, and it’s a feeling that’s been around since I can remember. I always wanted to be a bit on the round side myself, but I could never bring myself to actually do it to myself. I was too afraid of what people would think.

So, that summer I panicked, because I realized that liking boys wasn’t going away, and coupled with the fat thing, I was definitely a freak. And now I couldn’t even hide it from myself. So I bundled myself up even more. At night I’d cry myself to sleep, not only for who I was, but for the fact that I’d never meet that “special someone” that I could share my life with. During the day I’d project that happy-go-lucky attitude I’ve always projected. Everything was fine. I was a bit more anti-social than I was before, and that caused some fallings-out with a couple of my less loyal friends, but I didn’t care.

So, by the time school started, I had the routine down pat. I had donned my mask.

I went to an all-boys Catholic high school. My dad had gone there, and he felt that it was an experience that he should pass on to me. Not being very religious, and not having gone to a private school, let alone an all boys private school before, I didn’t know what to expect. But, I lived through my freshman year. I fit in; I was apart of a clique. Life was good. Well, back in freshman year, anyway. Needless to say, there was no shortage of chubby, cute eye candy, and that drove me nuts.

I “took care of business” before school on the morning of the first day, so I would at least be able to get through the day without focusing on the “eye candy” too much. I realized that doing that made it a lot easier to make it through the day. And yes, I know it sounds bad, but I was a late bloomer and having these intense feelings at 16 for really the first time in my life was not pleasant.

That first day turned out to be the most difficult day of my life up to that point.

It started with orientation. I found my friends quickly, and we silently giggled to each other as they passed out the orientation packets to all the incoming sophomores. This happened every year, and you could tell that most of the faculty was just going through the motions. None of them wanted to be there, babysitting a class of 200 guys, while the principal droned on about alma mater this and dedication that. We were all getting called up individually to receive our schedules and our handbooks when I saw him.

Time froze. It was like I was in a vacuum, and nothing but me and him existed in that moment. He was probably the cutest, most attractive guy I had ever seen. Lightly tanned skin, a mop of dark blond hair with gold highlights, and a small bulge at his midsection. He was perfect. But I didn’t catch his name.

I didn’t even remember the rest of the day. All I could think about was this boy. It wasn’t just that he was so unbearably attractive... there was something else... I couldn’t put my finger on it.

He wasn’t in any of my classes, and that annoyed me. I looked for him at break and lunch, and I caught glimpses of him between classes, but that was it. A couple of weeks went by like this. It was seriously unbearable.

Then, an opportunity. It was tuesday of the third week of school, and that’s when theater began. I wasn’t in theater (though I had always wanted to be), but that’s not why that day was significant; it was because that’s when the girls from the other private schools came down to our campus for classes and rehearsals, and that’s when I had an opportunity.

I was just walking out of class when I saw him. He was sitting on the steps of the gym, facing the parking lot, reading a textbook. I figured he was probably waiting for a ride. God he was perfect, I thought. It drove me crazy. That’s when I saw a group of girls looking at him, so I walked up to them.

“Oh hey Ryan,” one of them said. “Who’s the new guy?”

I shrugged nonchalantly, “I have no idea. Why?”

“He’s kind of cute,” another one of them said. “But --”

Now I was intrigued. I raised an eyebrow.

“He’d be really hot if he wasn’t so...” she continued, and kind of puffed her cheeks. The other girls giggled and started walking towards the theater.

So, he was cute. At least I knew that I was right about that. But they think he’s fat? I thought to myself. I took another look at him. He just had a bit of a tummy. Yes, his face was a bit rounder, but he wasn’t fat. He was chubby, with probably about thirty or forty extra pounds. But they looked good on him; at least I thought so.

Suddenly I realized that I was staring and caught myself. I looked around nervously and embarrassed... boy, if anyone saw me, I thought. But there was no one around. Everyone had either left or had gone to the theater (or sports practice). In fact, literally it was only me and him in the entire front area of the school.

I looked at my watch. My mom wouldn’t arrive for another twenty minutes. I bit my lip. This was an opportunity... I finally had the chance to actually meet him. But, for some reason, I couldn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But I had to. I had to.

I steeled myself and started walking towards the gym steps. My heart skipped a beat as I neared. I was almost there. I was having second thoughts, though, and figured I could just divert my course and go into the gym itself. I was just about to do so when he looked at me. He smiled sheepishly.

Inside, my jaw dropped. Wow. And his eyes! For the first time, I got to see them up close. They were stunningly beautiful. Deep, dark blue eyes. The kind that you could literally just lose yourself in.

I smiled back. Now I was on auto-pilot. My social self took over, and I played it cool.

“Hey,” I said as I approached and sat down near him. Not next to him, I thought; that would be creepy. “You waiting for your ride?”

“Yeah,” he responded. His voice was like a silky melody, with a soft warm timbre and a tone that almost assured he had a fantastic singing voice.

“Cool, yeah. My mom’s always late,” I said. She never was, actually, but I just had to keep making small talk.

“Yeah my brother’s late. But we just moved here so he’s still figuring out the road system.”

I chuckled. “Where are you from?”

“San Francisco,” he replied.

“Oh, cool. When’d you move here?” I asked.

“Just three weeks ago. My dad got transferred to the Boeing not too far from here.”

The sound of a car honk interrupted. “My mom’s here,” he said. “I’ll see you around.”

He started to get up and walk towards his mom’s car. “Hey wait!” I said. “I’m Ryan.”

He turned around and smiled. “Mika,” he said softly.

After that day, he and I hit it off, and we became best friends in record time. I never connected so well with anyone before. He was funny, very smart, talented, and best of all incredibly sincere. He always wore a warm smile, and every one of the teachers loved him.

He was a star pupil, too. I wasn’t too terribly smart, so he helped me out a lot with homework and understanding things. We studied together almost every day, which actually involved more silliness than studying, but we did get some practical work done. He was the first person in the world where I felt I could actually be myself; take off my mask, so to speak. I was comfortable... well, almost. I had feelings for him, but I didn’t know about him. Something about him told me that he was gay, too. Maybe it was the way he walked, or the way he held himself. He was a bit more gentile -- less macho -- than other guys. He wasn’t effeminate though, and that’s what struck me as odd. That’s what made me unsure.

Spending so much time with him allowed me to really see what his life was like. His dad was an engineer for Boeing; his mom was a senior accountant for CVS/Pharmacy, a drug store chain. He had one brother who was in college, who never really talked much to him, and Mika didn’t say much about him either. He was sort of a mystery, but I never really cared too much about that. He also didn’t really talk about San Francisco, even though I wanted to hear about what it was like up there. Every time I brought up the subject of his middle school, or San Francisco, he would get quiet.

Mika had some odd habits, too. Aside from eating quite a bit, he absolutely had to have McDonald’s every day. It’s not that he would outright say this; it’s just he got really antsy when we didn’t go. See, on most days his brother would drive us to his house (and would then leave to do whatever), and we would finish up our homework. Afterward, we would normally play some video games or something. Most of the time, before we would start playing, he would say he was hungry and we’d go to McDonald’s. Sometimes, though, I would finish my assignments before he would (he was in AP classes, and I wasn’t), so I would start playing. Then, after he finished, he’d want to go. A couple of times I was finishing up a level, or I just didn’t feel like interrupting my game, and he’d get a bit upset. Not overtly, but you could tell. Well, I could tell. He would usually end up going by himself at that point. I never did understand that.
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The school year came and went, and it was summertime. Finally, free from school for three months! I was excited. I was especially excited because I’d be spending those days with Mika. By this point, I had spent so little time with my other friends that they had all but forgotten about me. Sometimes they made fun of me going to hang out with Mika, calling him my boyfriend. None of them were serious about that, though, because neither he nor I came across as gay, but they would still tease me about it on occasion.

It was the first night I slept over at his house. I remember it well, because it was also the first time I saw him without his shirt on. He would always hide his tummy, which I guess made sense, considering he was a bit chubby, but it disappointed me because I actually did want to see it. I was just curious about how he looked.

We had just finished dinner with his parents, and we’d retired to his room where we were playing Metal Gear on his PS2. I was lying on my sleeping bag, and him on his bed. I was concentrating on the game, and he was making fun of me because of how careful I was playing it.

“Dude, the AI isn’t that smart,” he said. “Just run down the hall; nothing will happen.”

“No,” I replied. “Last time I did that I died.”

“That’s because you stepped on a mine.”

“Good point.”

We always had moments of witty exchanges. It made me smile, and he would always smile after them, too. Maybe he thought the same thing I did, I figured. But I wasn’t sure.

After a couple of hours, we were both sleepy. He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and when he came back he was just in his boxers. I was awestruck. His shape was just right. Not too fat, not to skinny. Just right. He had a nice set of lovehandles, with a couple of light stretch marks on them, and a tummy that stuck out barely two inches. He plopped onto his bed, bundled himself in, smiled his cute sheepish smile, and turned off the light.


It was nearing the end of summer. We had literally spent nearly every day with each other. We played games, we laughed; we stayed up late. By this point, without even realizing it, I had put on a bit of weight... maybe about twenty pounds or so. His eating habits caught up with me, too. But it wasn’t really noticeable (though some people made comments), and I certainly didn’t care, so I was happy. Ecstatic, even.

I wasn’t sure if he grew or not. Maybe just a little, I figured. He did seem a bit fuller, but I couldn’t judge.

It was Monday evening -- labor day. The next day was the first day of school. I begged my mom to let me stay over at Mika’s place, and his mom was very cordial. She said that she would drive us to school in the morning. After much begging and dealmaking, she let me. I don’t know why I wanted to stay there so badly. Most of the time I slept at home; I only occasionally spent the night at his place. I think back, and I wonder if it was fate.

So we spent most of that afternoon playing games. His parents ordered pizza for us, and we got really full on that. Soon, it was time for bed, but neither of us wanted to actually sleep, so we ended up laying on our beds, staring at the ceiling in the darkness, and talking.

Somehow, the discussion wandered over girls. I asked him if he liked any girls from Rorer, the private school that is our school’s “sister” school.

“Um,” he said in a sort of sheepish voice. “Not really.”

He got really quiet after that. I don’t know what brought me to ask the next question, but for some reason, all that time we spent together, all those days laughing and messing around, made me feel like there was a connection between us. It almost seemed to me as though I could understand him on a deeper level than others.

“Do you like girls at all?” I blurted out. Immediately I regretted what I said, but there was no way to walk it back. I expected defensive, frustrated, maybe even angry, though throughout my entire time knowing him, never did he once get angry or raise his voice. Ever.

Instead of those, all I got was silence. Then, what sounded like a soft sob. I wasn’t sure; it was dark.

“Mika?” I asked, concerned. “I’m sorry, I didn’t --”

He interrupted me before I could finish. “No,” he said simply, yet tearfully. “I don’t.”

Another long stroke of silence, interrupted by occasional quiet sobs from him.

I was stunned. So, he was gay. I couldn’t believe it, yet at the same time...

In the silence, I found myself whispering, “Neither do I.”

After I said it, I couldn’t believe I had. I had never said that to anyone, ever. True, he had just come out to me, but still...

His sobbing stopped. “Really?”

His voice was so innocent; so sincere, that I had to reply with the truth. I had to.

“Yes,” I said, finally, after a moment. “Really.”

“I never told anyone,” I continued. “You’re the first.”

He was silent for a moment longer. “I wish you were the first,” he replied simply.

I was curious. He told someone else? Suddenly, things were starting to make a bit more sense... why he never talks to his brother, for example. Or why he never talks about San Francisco.

“I’m not?” I asked. I had to know. What had happened?

“No,” he replied. After a moment, I heard the mattress creak as he sat up.

“I want to show you something,” he said, hesitantly. “I want you to hear me out before you say anything.”

“Okay,” I said. I had no idea what he had in mind.

“Follow me,” he said, as he got up from the bed. I heard him open his room door. It was really dark, and I could barely see. He grabbed my wrist and led me down the hall to the room next to his brother’s.

He opened it, and we both stepped inside. He closed the door and clicked on the lights.

I had never been in that room before. It was a bit on the small size, and was packed with cardboard boxes -- no doubt, non-unpacked things from the move. What caught my eye was that on the room’s only bookshelf were several photographs, some awards, and a number of framed magazine covers. All of them -- every single one -- had a picture of him. Except he looked different. He was thin, and hot. His hair was perfect; his skin was immaculate; his eyes were dark sapphire. These were professional photographs, enhanced even further to make him super-attractive. The magazines were ones I’ve heard of -- the kind girls read to get the latest gossip and fashion. The awards were for acting in theater, where his name was prominently engraved, “Mika Reynolds”.

“What-- What is this?” I asked, stuttering. I looked at him.

For the first time in my life, I saw him sad. Inside, my heart broke.

“Those are me,” he said. “From when I was thirteen, to when I was like fifteen.”

“You were in magazines?” I asked, bewildered.

He nodded, “I was a model. And an actor.” He trailed off. He sat down in the room’s only chair and continued after a moment.

“When I was thirteen, I started to realize I was gay. I wasn’t sure up until then, but at that point I pretty much knew,” he began. “Anyway, long story short: I met a guy.”

He paused, not quite sure how to continue. He took a deep breath and then related a story to me that was unbelievably sad.

It was the summer before he started high school. He had been home schooled until then, since he was so busy with his acting career on stage and in independent films, plus his modeling, he couldn’t always be in school every day. His mom made it clear to him, however, that come high school, he would have to attend. She didn’t want him to not experience that aspect of childhood.

The problem was, that because he had been literally sheltered for so long, he was very naive. He admitted that even now, he was naive about a lot of things, but he became a lot less trusting than he was before.

His brother, Andrew, had a deep-seeded jealousy of Mika since he started acting when he was nine. Andrew looked nothing like Mika. He wasn’t attractive; no one wanted to take his picture. That infuriated Andrew. Once Mika became a model who showed up on magazine covers, Andrew was livid.

It wasn’t long after summer began that Mika met a boy named Cody. Cody was a junior in high school, and two years older than Mika, but that didn’t bother either of them. Cody’s personality was a bit mean and raw. Mika was oblivious, though, because he just didn’t have that experience, socially, that everyone else had.

Cody gave Mika a lot of attention. Not just the typical attention girls gave him, but real human attention. Mika revealed to Cody that he was gay, and was surprised when Cody said he was, too. Cody was adamant about keeping it a secret, and Mika was only happy to, as he couldn’t possibly tell anyone. Being gay was bad. But regardless, Mika and Cody started to go out secretly, and it wasn’t long after Cody asked Mika to be his boyfriend. Mika was so happy, and so infatuated with Cody, that he went along with him on everything. He was blinded by love.

What Mika didn’t know was Cody was actually playing him. Cody wasn’t in love with Mika, and on top of that, wasn’t even gay. In fact, Cody was one of his brother’s best friends, but Mika had no idea. Andrew and Cody had made a deal. Andrew was so blind with jealousy that he wanted to end Mika’s modeling and acting career, and the only things that end a modeling career are getting old, and getting fat. Andrew decided to pray on his brother’s naivety by paying Cody to go out with his brother, and do whatever he could to make him gain weight. He knew that Mika would have no idea what was happening until it became too late. The consequences, he schemed, of a sheltered, “privileged” life.

Cody, being very industrious, and hungry for money, did it proactively. He found some allergy medicine that had side effects of stimulating appetite, and would slip one in Mika’s drink whenever he had the opportunity. He also took Mika out to McDonald’s every day. Before this, Mika had rarely, if ever, eaten fast food. His parents were against it, so they never bought it for him, and because of this, he had no interest in it. Cody knew, however, that McDonald’s was the fastest way to putting on weight.

After a few weeks of going to McDonald’s every day, Mika became addicted. He had been deprived of that experience for so long, that he now latched onto it. On top of that, Cody encouraged it every time, which meant that he related going to McDonald’s with being happy, which also contributed to his addiction. This daily regimen of fast food, coupled with the pills being slipped into Mika’s drinks, contributed to his rapid weight gain.

By the end of the first month of this cycle, Mika was showing signs of weight gain. His once slim figure seemed a bit more “full”. His flat abs had disappeared under a thin layer of fat. Mika was oblivious; he had no idea what it felt like to be fat, so he didn’t know. He did feel different, but he couldn’t equate that with anything.

An additional month’s passing shepherded in some different results, however. By this point he had gained twenty extra pounds. He couldn’t get away with hiding it anymore, and his parents, and agent, were concerned. He wouldn’t be picked up for any more shoots until he lost the weight. Mika, in a critical moment, realized that he’d been overeating to the point where he’d gotten pudgy. He couldn’t believe it; he was devastated. His parents took him to a doctor, who couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Mika wasn’t about to admit having daily meals at McDonald’s, or the contributing factor -- his boyfriend -- to anyone. Thus, barring any catalyst, the doctor simply said it was a phase.

Mika was put on a strict diet. He had to be back in shape so he could go back to acting and modeling. Cody, meanwhile, had left for Christmas vacation. Both Andrew and Cody were concerned that, without Cody, Mika would stop eating McDonald’s and start losing weight. Andrew agreed to keep an eye on Mika and continue slipping him the allergy pills.

It turned out, however, that Mika was now going to McDonald’s on his own. There were some days where he even went twice, since he was so lonely without Cody.

The thin layer of fat on his stomach grew slowly. Soon, he had outgrown his second pair of pants. His parents couldn’t believe it.

When Cody returned, it was decided between him and Andrew that the damage had been done, and Cody summarily broke it off with Mika, citing the fact that Mika had gotten so fat. Mika was in shambles.

Not long after, Mika and his parents were informed that his contract was not being renewed, which meant that Mika was now no longer a model. He was too fat. Even though, in reality, he didn’t have that much extra weight on him.

Andrew, who could not resist taking one last swipe of vengeance, related the entire plot to Mika. Mika, horrified, could turn to no one to console him. He couldn’t let his parents know, and since Cody was a sham, the only thing left to turn to was McDonald’s.

He began to eat there twice, sometimes three times a day. Once on his way to school, after he had already eaten breakfast; once after school, and sometimes once after he had eaten dinner, sneaking out his bedroom window. He no longer needed the pills to be hungry; his stomach had stretched so much that he could eat several servings without them, and get hungry again in a matter of hours.

At this point, he ballooned. His once slightly-defined arms became plump with fat; his fingers became like small sausages. His stomach pressed against his shirt, pulling it taut. His thighs began to rub against each other when he walked. His chest grew flabby and began to sag, as his face grew round and plump.

He would wake up every morning, and he felt bigger every time. Somehow, his boxers were just a bit tighter; his tummy was just a bit flabbier. He had gotten used to the feeling by now.

By March, he had become fifty pounds heavier than when he started. His parents discovered his fast-food antics and took him to a counsellor. On the advice of the counsellor, he was to quit eating McDonald’s cold turkey.

It didn’t work. He literally became sick. Stomach pangs plagued him. It was then that his parents learned of Cody, of Mika’s sexuality, and of Andrew’s plot. His parents couldn’t believe what Andrew had done, and were absolutely livid. Andrew, too, was forced to go to counseling.

By May, though, Mika made it to the point where he only had to eat McDonald’s once a day. If he didn’t, though, he would get sick. His body and mind were so used to it, he couldn’t not go. He also lost about fifteen pounds, but he couldn’t lose any more. It was at this point that Mika realized that his life as a model was over forever.

Mika became shy and introverted, and it wasn’t until he met me that he finally was able to climb out of that shell. His brother, Andrew, doesn’t talk much. He feels incredibly guilty about what he did. Mika doesn’t talk to him at all.

Moving here allowed Mika to start a new life.


Mika sighed a deep sigh. Hearing the story, I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen those photos of him on the shelf.

“Are you okay,” I asked. “I mean, now, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said. He patted his tummy, “I’m just fat. And I won’t ever be able to lose it. No one will ever like me.”

I paused. That wasn’t true.

“I like you,” I said quietly.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yea,” I replied, staring at the floor. “I actually like... you know... chubby guys.”

My heart skipped a beat. That was even a darker secret than being gay. Still, he revealed to me some pretty dark things himself.

“You do?” he asked sincerely. He grabbed a roll of his fat. “How is this attractive?”

I got up and walked over to him. Taking his hand, I pulled him out of the chair, and hugged him from behind.

“How is that not attractive?” I asked.

He rested his hands on top of my arms, and started to sob softly.

I grabbed a bit of my own stomach. I had never been fat, either. “Hey, look at me,” I said. “We can be fat together.”

Mika moved his hands down to my stomach, touching it lightly. It was almost as though it was the first time he was feeling fat. He looked up at me with teary blue eyes.

“I love you, Ryan,” he said.

“I love you too, Mika.”


Afterword: I hope you enjoyed it. It took about three hours to write, and it's a culmination of a number of stories. It's a bit analogous to my growing up, sans the gaining part.

The next part will focus specifically on Mika, called "Mika's Story". It will highlight his growing up, and will more specifically explore the event that caused him to become fat.

The last part will focus on Ryan (the narrator) and Mika's first year together, their trials, their struggles with their sexuality, problems with peers/parents, etc. I don't know what I'm going to call it yet.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed it, and please give me feedback!

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I really enjoyed the story! I can't wait for the rest to come out.
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i enjoyed it! kinda sad though :[[ *emo tear* lolz, it was great :]] can wait till the next one ^^
My Name's Lance, i'm a 16 year old high school guy. talk to me. i won't bite :]
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Very good!
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Looking forward to the next few parts
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WOW thats probably the best story iv read, yes it was a tad sad but thats part of the reason I liked it >_>
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I'm hoping there is more parts because so many stories just seem to end with that style of them finding about about each others thoughts, the gayness, etc and end it at that. To keep going after that (for a change) would be fantastic to see.
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Great job!
I hope to see more parts
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Wow that's realistic, I wish I could write like that
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