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Old 3rd September 2007, 12:58 PM
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Larry's New Gimmick (WARNING: Furry)

Last but not least, my final fat-fur fan-fiction, this time based off of a show that was canceled way too early in my opinion...'Father of the Pride'. (For those of you who don't know the show, it was about a family of talking lions, namely, Sigfried and Roy's white lions)

It was a pretty funny show, and the main character was a tubby white lion voiced by John Goodman no less! So, for your reading pleasure...

Larry’s new gimmick
“Kate! Where’s my brush?” The chubby lion shouted, frantically sorting through his draw. Standing he turned to call out again but found his wife standing beside him holding it in her paw. He smiled a bit and took the comb from her.
“Thanks honey, where would I be without you?” he smiled, kissing her cheek.
“That’s a good question lover-boy. What do you need your comb for anyway?” she asked, sitting on the bed beside him, his arms moving quickly as he brushed his hair.
“I’ve got a show in like 20 minutes Kate, didn’t you remember?” he panted a bit, still rushing to do his hair, only managing to further mess it up. Kate’s face went sour and she looked downward a little bit.
“Oh, um, about that Larry…” she started, rubbing the back of her neck with a paw.
Larry didn’t stop for a second, his hair finally beginning to look somewhat decent.
“Yeah, what is it?” he asked, reaching over for his deodorant.
“Well see, um, you’re not…in the show tonight…” she said, coughing some, obviously embarrassed to talk. Larry dropped his deodorant and spun around.
“What? What do you mean?”
“Oh, come on Larry, you know Siegfried and Roy have been going with the tigers lately.” She answered placing her hand on his shoulder. He slammed his fist on the dresser and lowered his head a bit.
“It’s always the tigers! Even when they say they’re going to put me in the show, they change their mind halfway for the tigers!” he said mockingly, though his anger was apparent. Kate’s hand made him feel somewhat better as she pet his shoulder, but it didn’t help much.
“Oh, come on honey, it’s not that bad, I’m sure you’ll be back in the show soon.” She said, smiling a little. He sighed and turned back to her, shaking her head some.
“I guess you’re right, well, since I’m off for the night, I guess I’ll head down to the watering whole for a bit.” He sighed and walked out of the room. Seconds later, Kate heard the front door close behind him.

“You know what Larry…” Snack said, already wasted from a night at the watering hole, and for a gopher, he held more than most would think, “don’t even stink about Blake, ok, you….are the man.” He said, stumbling about the counter. Larry sighed and took another sip of his drink.
“Oh come on Snack, we both have to face it. I’m the rival of a young cool, slim tiger, while I’m getting older and fatter by the minute. I mean, look at him!” he said, pointing to a television screen which showed Blake’s performance that evening. There was no denying that Blake was more than qualified for what he did. Larry knew it, and had Snack been sober, he would’ve realized it to. But just then, a brilliant idea was born from a drunken ramble.
“Ah, don’t-don’t pay him any mind Larry. A-a-all you gotta do is have a gimmick! You know, something you can do that he can’t…” he hiccupped and stumbled some, leaning against Larry’s paw. Larry thought about this some and perked up a bit.
“Yeah a gimmick, that could work! But, what would my gimmick be…” he sighed again and just as his hopes had risen, they lowered once more.
“Alright, alright…” Snack said, getting his second wind, “How about this, you could be…the worlds…Fattest Lion. Y-yeah! That could *hiccup* work! I mean, you like to eat dontcha?” he laughed incoherently and punched at Larry’s gut a bit. The lion looked down and placed a paw over his gut, show business was kind to him and he was a lot thicker than when he once started, but, this COULD be used to his advantage.
“Ya know Snack; I think you’ve got something there! I mean, look at those animals who get into the Guinness book of world records, that’s WAY bigger than just Sig and Roy’s show! And plus, I get to do what I do best! Eat and follow it with long periods of nothing!” he smiled some and stood triumphantly. “From this day onward, I am gonna strive to be the biggest lion in show-biz…literally, awww, thanks Snack. I can’t thank ya enough!” he said happily and took off back to his house, he knew Kate wouldn’t particularly like the idea, but he had to tell someone.
Snack simply sat at the counter, watching as Larry ran off and sips his drink once more.
“That is one happy lion.” He managed to strain out, seconds before passing out in his usual spot.

Surprisingly enough, Larry didn’t rush home and tell his wife. He began working on his new gimmick right away. But, Kate began to notice when Larry went to bed the next few nights with burgers, ham, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, chips, soda, and a variety of cakes and cookies.
“Larry, is there something…bothering you?” she asked, sitting beside him in bed. He continued his nightly practice and stuffed his face, only turning a bit to answer.
“What do you mean Hon, I’m fine!” he said with a mouth full of food, crumbs spilling onto his more tightly packed gut.
“Well, you’ve been eating well…a lot more than usual.” Kate said, stopping him from taking another bite of a 5lb ham in his paw.
“ah, well see, ummmm….” He said gulping down the last bite he had taken.
“I mean look at you,” she said pointing to him; his side of the bed had been weighed down and was now tilting the bed to the side. “You’re weighing down the bed.”
“Well yeah see, ummm, I did say this bed needed to be replaced anyway.” Larry said, sweating a bit and playing with his paws. Kate rolled her eyes and folded her arms.
“Uh-huh, and what about this?” she said and placed her paws on either side of Larry’s gut and pulled them away retaining the same shape. “You’ve grown at least 4 inches over the course of about 5 days.” Larry grinned a little and twirled his thumbs a bit more.
“Ummmm, well you see…” he said scratching the back of his head, trying to search for the appropriate lie, but he was quickly cut off.
“Larry?...” she asked expectantly, looking him directly in the eyes. His fortitude shattered and he could no longer hope she wouldn’t notice.
“Ok, ok, well see, I’ve been thinking and the tigers are getting all the shows! So, I’m going to become…the worlds fattest Lion!” he said quickly, as though he was expecting random shouts of “are you crazy?” or “why would you do that?”
“I think…that’s a great idea!” Kate blurted out and sat up a bit in bed, placing her hand on his gut.
“I know Kate, its crazy and I could…wait, what did you say?”
“I said it’s a great idea! Its original, its something you LOVE TO DO, its great!” she said hugging him tightly. “And it’ll give me even more of you to snuggle.” She laughed a bit and pat his slightly packed gut. Larry sat, in shock at his wife’s receptiveness, his jaws agape.
“Wait, wait, wait…you’re serious aren’t you?” Larry said, his look of shock turning into a look of happiness as he hugged his wife against him. It almost seemed as though his decision was a turn on for her. She growled lowly and nuzzled her head against him slowly.
“Mmm, hmmm, but let’s not worry about that now…” she grinned mischievously, reaching over to pick up the ham she had before stopped him from eating. He was about to say something but she placed a finger over his muzzle and shushed him, motioning for him to open up. He growled lowly with a smile and did so, his huge jaws cleaning the ham of the meat almost in a single bite. He gulped it down and leaned against the head board, which now creaked with his weight, and rubbed his gut.
Kate wasted no time in feeding Larry as he rubbed his gut, she picked up the sack of burgers he had brought into bed and instantly waved one past his muzzle, the juicy aroma filling his nostrils.
They didn’t sleep until late that night and in the morning, wrappers and crumbs and little bits of meat and bone were strewn across the bed. And two love struck lions laid at the head of it. Kate had rested her head on Larry’s taught belly and nuzzled against it occasionally through the course of the night.
Larry woke first and carefully moved her over to the pillow before he got out of bed at first, a bit uneasily at first as the new weight threw off his balance. But this feeling only encouraged him more. As he got into the shower he noticed the space felt a little smaller but this only made him grin more. Now he was ready for a real challenge of some sort. His nightly snacking was great, but he needed to get up his popularity somehow.
He got out of the shower and dried himself off and of course had a big breakfast. It was Saturday and the kids were still sleeping so he had time to wolf it down quickly before they came downstairs. When the kids actually did awaken, he was just putting the dishes away. A yawn was heard around the corner as Sierra stepped into the kitchen.
“Ah good morning…dad….” She said seeing her much larger father standing at the sink, his gut resting on the counter. His cheeks had grown a great deal chunkier as well and his tail had thickened a bit.
“Oh hey sweet heart, something the matter?” he asked turning to face her, his gut wobbling as it slid from the counter. Sierra scratched the back of her head and blinked.
“Well nothing really, it’s just that, you’re, ummm…”
“Fatter?” he laughed, patting his gut and walked over to his daughter placing an arm on her shoulder.
“Well I guess so, yeah? What happened?” she asked, looking up at her abnormally large dad.
“Well, I have found a way to keep myself in the show by doing what I love the most…eating!”
“Ummm, yeah, well, you do that dad. I’m gonna go over to a friends for breakfast.” She said and began to walk over to the door.
“Hey, hey, hey…this friend wouldn’t happen to be your boyfriend would it?” he asked, placing his paws on his hips. She opened the door and stood in the doorway.
“Hey, that’s a friend isn’t it? Love ya dad bye!” she said and quickly rushed out of the house. He simply sighed and shook his head.
“Oh well, now, what was I about to do…oh yes! Watch some good old TV.” Walking toward the fridge as he said this, “with a few snacks of course.” He grinned and almost cleaned the fridge of junk food.
When hunter came down after an hour or two, he found his dad strewn across the couch with the familiar scene of snack wrappers on the floor, and an empty bowl of ice cream resting on his gut. Yet this time, he somehow looked different.
“Dad?” hunter asked as he sunk his paws into his dads much cushier side, Larry chuckled a bit in his sleep but did not awaken. Hunter pushed once more with his paw and caused his huge father to stir.
“Hmm, WH-what?” Larry asked, his eyes coming into focus, “Oh, hey hunter, what’s up?” he asked and yawned a bit, shifting to a sitting position on the couch.
“I just got up a little bit ago, and I saw you here, and now, you’re huge!” he said, poking his dads gut a bit more. Larry simply laughed at this and pulled his son to his side, assaulting him with noogies.
“Yeah, is there a problem with that?” he laughed and released hunter, who was laughing from the noogies.
“No way dad! I think it’s awesome! You should TOTALLY enter the eating contest at the watering hole.” Larry’s ears perked up as he heard this,
“Hunt, did you say an eating contest?”
“Yeah dad, its something new the manager started, I don’t think anyone’s gonna win though, you have to eat 150 hamburgers.” While Hunters face soured from the thought of such an impossible feat, Larry’s brightened at the thought of it all, and a chance to expose himself. He pats his gut a bit and placed his arm around hunter.
“Well Hunt, how would you like to see your old man polish off 150 burgers?”
“Wow, really dad? You think you can?” Hunter said, looking at his dad proudly. Larry laughed and waved his paw dismissively.
“Please, that’s nothing for a lion of my caliber.” He winked and stood, “now, you go get ready and I’ll go get your mom ok hunt?” Hunter jumped up and ran to his room.
“You bet dad!” he yelled back as he rushed off. Larry did the same but in the direction of the bedroom, Kate still lay sleeping. He shook her gently and she stirred.
“Mmm, Larry?” she blinked a bit as her vision came into focus. The large lion stood beside the bed and looked down on his wife.
“C’mon Kate! Hunter just told me about a burger eating contest down at the watering hole!” Larry exclaimed, practically yanking the half sleeping lioness out of the bed. Hunter was already waiting at the door for his dad and quickly opened it as him and his mother approached.
In no time flat they arrived at the Watering Hole, only to watch a rather stuffed gator pass out on his 100th burger.
“Oooh! Tough break! But hey, at least he got some free burgers!” Snack said from the microphone at the counter.
“Snack! You organized all this?” Larry asked, taking a seat at the bar which creaked loudly beneath him.
“Of course my man! And I was actually sober when I did it! I knew you couldn’t stay away from an opportunity like this! Everyone else so far hasn’t been able to make it to 150…you think you’re up for it Larry?”
Larry laughed and cracked his knuckles.
“Piece of cake…” he said strolling casually over to the table. Onlookers gathered about once more and cheered him on as snack announced him, another few plates of burgers were lined up beside him and a napkin was tied securely around his chubby neck.
“Ok Larry, you have to eat all 150 burgers in 10 minutes without barfing, passing out or quitting. If you do, you’re our new burger contest champ and you get free burgers for life! Are you ready?” Snack asked, holding the mic up to Larry’s muzzle.
“I sure am snack!” Larry replied excitedly.
“Alright then, let the contest…begin!” Snack said, jumping out of Larry’s way. Almost as quickly as snack said begin Larry did just that, 4 burgers disappearing into his muzzle instantly. He bit them once or twice and swallowed them with minimal problems, a trail of crumbs and burger bits had already formed on his napkin but he continued his act of gluttony, nearly taking 2 burgers in each paw he proceeded to stuff himself silly. The delicious and greasy burgers disappearing into his muzzle got the crowd more and more excited.
“Go dad!” hunter called on from the front of the crowd.
“You can do it honey!” Kate added in.
Larry smiled a bit as he heard this and was already up to his 50th burger! He was one third of the way done and wasn’t even beginning to slow, though the signs of his consumption were evident at his slightly enlarged gut.
100! They disappeared faster and faster as he became more conscious of his race against the clock; his gut pushed heavily against the table and was losing its softness, slowly tightening as he gorged himself. 2 minutes left now and he was already in his 120’s, it looked like he was going to make it…but then it happened, he started to get full.
The crowd didn’t notice when he began to slow, but Hunter and Kate sure did. He began to perspire and his gut heaved up and down as he reached the 130’s but he had to continue.
“Oh and it looks like Larry’s slowing down! And with only a minute to go!” Snack announced, beginning to lose his morale. But Larry refused to quit, he took a second or two…then, “UURRRRRPED!” the extra space made it much easier to consume the last few burgers, finishing almost simultaneously as the buzzer went off.
Larry was the Hamburger eating champ!
The crowd around cheered and jumped about and hunter and Kate ran out to him!
“You did it Larry, how do you feel?!” Snack asked, holding the mic up to him once again.
“I feel...ugh” Larry replied and fell back onto the ground, his massive gut sticking out a good 3 feet in front of him.

That evening…
“You did a good job Larry.” Kate said, giving Larry’s taught belly a few rubs. He moaned painfully and rested his paws on his gut.
“I know, but there has to be some way I can eat more without getting so full.”
“Well,” Kate said pulling out a phone book. “I was looking through here and I found a wolf in New York who just may be able to help us. I believe his name is…Wolfgang.” She said, flipping through the book.
“Wolfgang huh, well, I don’t know what he could do, but its one step closer to my goal.” Larry smiled and kissed Kate on the cheek.

The end? Hardly!
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Looking good so far. I do hope you write a continuance to this.
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wish there were more furry stories like this
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*prods* Weres the rest of the story bigwolf... been waiting what... 3 years? *grins widely* Not many lion'ish fat stories going around
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