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Old 10th June 2011, 08:07 PM
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you need to post somemore! ;p
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Old 28th June 2011, 02:45 AM
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I was mad. No, I was pissed. How DARE he play with my emotions. I try to calm myself down as we drive. John's big frame is pushing the seat back onto me and I gotta say it turns me on a bit. "Where are we going again?" John says. I get ready to answer but Drake cuts me off.

"Movies, mall, the works, y'know."

"John said we we're going to go grab a bite," I mutter loud enough for Drake to hear but low enough for John to pretend not to hear.

"Have you NOT seen how fat this gut is?" he slaps John's gut so hard it reverberates off the roof of the car and enough for him to belch like a trucker. "eew."

"Sorry," he coughed. "And Drake is right there Alex, I suppose I could bare to lose a little..." My mind is screaming (NO NO! DRAKE IS WRONG!) but I keep my mouth shut.

Abercrombie is the last place you'd expect two fat guys to be camping out. Drake walked in and a heavily muscular guy and busty girl walked up to us. "Sup Drake," the guy says. "Hows the boytoy? Large and in charge?"

"Funny, funny, hows the small di-"

"Well, hello," the girl walks up to me. "I'm Amanda."

"I'm Alex," I started to sweat. I never knew how to talk to girls. "Who's your friend?"

"Oh, don't mind Brad, he won't bite," she leaned in close. "Your two big, and fat to chew," she smacked my ass and twirled back beside Brad. "So you two to try on?"

"Yeah," Drake said. "I need a tape measure, the REGULAR ones can't measure this thing right here," Drake shakes John's belly enough for me to hear it swish and gurgle like the ocean. "He was so in shape in high school, he gets into ONE accident and suddenly he loses it. Ugh," he pecked John on the cheek and snatched the tape measure from Brad. "Lift it up," John sighed and lighted up his shirt.

Then I noticed the scar running all the way up his gut to his left arm. I was about to ask when Drake says "64 inches."

"Wow," comes from a few onlookers. John's mighty jawline sunk and I could tell he was sad. Amanda came up behind me and lifted up my shirt.

"Him next!"

"Amanda please," Brad and I said at the same time. "Uh tell you what, Drake, Amanda, Brad you stay and talk while John and I check out the...BIGGER sizes?"

"Huh? Oh yeah sure," Drake shooes us off. John walks next to me in silence until we get out of the store.

"What the hell was that?" I asked. John sighed.

"Drake's always hated fat guys ever since his stepdad abused him when he was little."

"He was fat?"

"No he was asian."

"Huh?" John's meaty hand slaps me.

"Of course he was fat, Drake always hated him and I guess that's why he hates fat guys."

"Then leave?"

"Drake is all I got, my family doesnt speak to me and my son-"

"You have a son?"

"My son wants to never see me again. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go," he gets up to leave. I reach for his hand and I touch his gut and there we were.

Suspended in a moment of lust and beauty for what felt like hours. Suddenly.

"Hey John! Get in here!" Drake's voice will forever echo in my mind, and be the symbol of evil until the day I die.

Or get John.

Whoever comes first.
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Old 2nd July 2011, 05:27 AM
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Nice! Keep writing more, the story is getting very interesting now!
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Old 3rd July 2011, 04:35 AM
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That night was a cavalcade of emotions. I was angry, angry at how Drake treated John and angry at how he put up with it. I was sad, sad at why a sweet man like John was acting this way. Why wouldn't he tell me anything?

Then I remembered we just met about a day ago, but still. I knocked on John's door for about a minute when out steps Amanda. She's wearing a short skirt and a top that's light enough for you to see through her shirt. "Amanda, what are you?" she leans in and kisses me hard. Before I'm aware of what's happening we're making out like horny teenagers on prom night.

"I love you," she says.

"I-" I can't speak. I wake up drenched in sweat.

Now I can add another emotion to the list. Confused.
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Old 3rd July 2011, 04:41 AM
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The Next Day....
I wake up real early before my girlfriend. I don't even wanna deal with her right now so I'm glad she's not there. I check my phone. No messages. I almost throw it down before I remember it's my brand new iphone and I don't wanna be stupid and break it. I decided to call John instead.

The phone rings and I try to find busy work before he picks up. His voice is low and quick "Alex hey, listen sorry but I gotta go, talk to you later." He hangs up and I feel terrible. Mostly for bothering him, I walk to my window, minus a shirt and open the blinds. I love the feel of the cold glass on my belly. I then see a car drive by.

Funny, it looked like John's.

Then I realize it is and grab an old shirt and rush outside. The car doesn't stop it just keeps going. And then, as if time stops, I realize who's behind the wheel. Drake, minus John.

I'm not a stalker, if that's what your thinking, but after reading what I did next you could call me that.
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