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Old 20th November 2007, 01:16 PM
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Exclamation New Developments regarding the Forum.

First of all I would like to welcome all new members that have joined over the past few months, and to apologize for the downtime because of a software upgrade.

A few minor things have happend over the past few weeks that seem to have grown out, and are starting to become a dominant thing on our boards.

To get to the point, we have a fairly moderate (but growing) group of people that come here to "loose" somes weight, which is rather odd for a weightgain forum. We are OK with it that some members like to shed a few pounds to become comfortable again, but the fact is that the people who come here are mainly interested in gaining and talking about getting fatter, not how to loose 20 pounds.

Something else I would like to point out is that a lot of the straight and bisexual members have vanished over the last months, and more and more specifically gay members have taken their place. We are not against that ofcourse, but I would like to infrom members that are straight or bisexual that it is not a crime, or weird not to be gay.

Another thing that we have started again is to install another Chatroom.
We have had several chatrooms in the past, after a lot of begging from most of the active members, but nobody seemed to ever use it. If this is the case with the new chat, it will be closed for ever and asking for a chatroom will be a banned question, and I'll even concider adding it to our (ever expanding) set of rules.

To get back on the whole "pictures" subject, it is fine that you want to show us the progress you made, that's why you make progress pictures. The thing to that is, please try to only post pictures if there actually IS progress, and not "can you tell if I got bigger". Most scales can tell that nowadays, and most clothing doesn't grow with you.

We are, ofcourse, still encouraging everyone to keep posting (normal, and sane) subject on the boards, and have friendly discussions. This news item is not a warning, or a way to tell members what is right, and what is wrong.

However, the people that do feel this message is pointed at them are free to contact me, or any of the staff members to make things clear.


Some Other Quick Points from myself:

I have heard some complaints over the current trend of the Picture forum to be a majority of thinner, or average people rather then the bellies or the bigger people the board is meant to cater for (and is described in that way). Though I throughly respect any new gainers who are attempting to gain who are posting progress pics and the like, I am getting many complaints about the increasing number of people who are losing weight or who are already thin (FAs or otherwise) who are posting pics. I am asking that those who fit the two criteria I just said (losing weight and already average or lower, or thin and just posting pics) try and refrain from posting pictures often, as the topic of the forum is for "Big Guts" and thats also the name of the site. I am asking this so I don't have to go the way that none of us staff want, and that is to separate the picture boards in some way or another.

Secondly, I'm also as Big_Fat_Kiddo is concerned about the sudden disappearance of practically anyone who is straight or bi. This is a concern that is important to me because this forum is about accepting ANYONE, no matter who they are who is interested in the gaining of fat. A one sided forum when it comes to sexual preference is generally a worrisome thing as some members may feel intimidated, left out or feel they have to "fit in" to actually get attention into the forum. I'd personally like to see no threads which are specific to gender or sexual orientation, and I will be monitoring that.

On the weight loss issue, as long as its generally kept to one off topic thread and as long as we don't see any weight loss "progress pics" in a consistant fashion (considering that the majority of the fourm aren't interested nonetheless), it should be fine.

Lastly I have also noticed the increase in junk posts from various members in the past month. I have been delibrately lenient lately to see if these will decrease, but they haven't. Just a friendly reminder that here at BigGuts, with the exception of the Random Stuff forum we prefer Quality over Quantity, and I will be keeping an eye, especially in the picture and story boards on posts of a poor quality, or that contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion.

On a final note, the staff are available to field any queries or questions you may have about the forum. You can contact us via PM or myself via any of the IM names I have listed in my profile. You can also comment on these news threads, and we welcome all comments from all members.

BigGuts Moderator.

There is also the Moderation Feedback thread that you can post in if you have any queries or questions.

Last edited by Big_fat_kiddo; 14th December 2007 at 06:47 PM.
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