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Old 2nd February 2010, 05:39 PM
chubbyenglishguy chubbyenglishguy is offline
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A Growing Rugby Team

The growing rugby players
By English Gainer, check out my you tube channel

‘Dude…your getting fat.’
Max looked across the changing room to Will. Will Richardson was 18 years old, 6’3, tall for his age. He was 250lbs of fat and muscle but recently it was mostly fat. He had jogged into the changing room late for practise, his mobs went up and down. He unbuttoned his suit jacket which was already tight across his middle; Max noticed one of the buttons had already come off. Next he took of his white shirt which was straining also, the buttons looked ready to pop. Then he took of his suit trousers, size 38, they hugged at his tree trunk legs and his bulbous ass like a second skin. I looked over. Will was now standing in his underwear, briefs, white ones. Max surveyed his body, his huge newly shaved head brought out a double chin, his pecs were softening and drooping down. His love handles were bouncy and his gut over spilled. I was amazed that he was actually able to wear the briefs, they looked more like a thong on his ass. They were riding up the back revealing a huge, meaty, round ass.
‘Yeah I know bro.’ Will tried to suck in. It made me smile inside.
‘Coach isn’t going to be happy.’ It was the last practise before going off for the Christmas holidays. Max and Will were both members of their schools rugby team, their coach, Mr Hughes, was as tough as a boot and was hard on his prop forwards especially Will. Will had always been tall but not until last year had he started to gain weight. Coach had told him to put on some beef over Christmas but when Will came back his suit was a lot tighter everywhere.
‘Well Mr Hughes says we have 5 minutes to be out there.’ Max indicated to the cold, wet pitch outside. Typical cold English weather.
‘Yeah, ok.’ Will reached into his locker and pulled out his rugby shorts and top.
Max smirked, he remembered buying them with Will when they were in Year 11 but now, year 13, things were different. Will pulled the shorts down to his feet and put both his legs into them. He had to balance and nearly keeled over when his full weight was on one foot. He slowly pulled them up his legs, everything was going well till they got to his thighs. They lay out like great slices of ham before him. He tried to pull them over, he started panting with the effort. Eventually he got them over his thighs but now came the big issue, getting them over his ass. He pulled, pushed and squeezed but he couldn’t get them over.
‘Damn, I wish I could suck in my ass!’ Will smirked, his double chin appearing. ‘Could you help Max.’
Max smirked, he was already in his kit which wasn’t fitting so well now a days.
Max strode over to Will, his 230lbs frame making the floor boards creak. Max put his hands on the shorts and pushed up. Max’s hands felt the warm, soft flesh of Will’s ass but with all his might he couldn’t get it over. Eventually after 3 minutes of trying he got them half way over his arse but still then half of Will’s arse was hanging out the back, a huge builders bum.
Will shook his head. ‘Thanks mate, that will have to do.’
‘No problem, we better get a move on anyway.’
Will nodded. Then reached for his top, which also fit him when he was 16 but now a grown rugger player, not so much, he got it over his head without any problems.
The top caught on his nipples which looked like saucers, he dragged it down all the way over his frame. It was tight on his nipples, love handles and gut. It made it all the way over his frame except for a little bit of gut which escaped out of the front.
Will shrugged and with that walked out of the changing room.
Max walked behind him watching his meaty arse swing from side to side. Max couldn’t wait to see the reaction of the coach to this overweight jock bursting out of his uniform.
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Old 2nd February 2010, 08:39 PM
chubbyenglishguy chubbyenglishguy is offline
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Hello, first story, please let me know what you think! Feedback is much appreciated!

‘Oh my god!’ Mr Hughes was not happy when he saw Will. Will jogged across the field, as he did everything shook, his ass bounced and his mobs went up and down. The other players couldn’t help but make fun of him.
‘Hey fatty, when’s the baby due?’
‘Richardson, knew you put on a few but my god.’
Will smirked and again tried to suck in his gut, unsuccessfully.
‘I’m here sir.’ Will panted and then let out a huge belch. Damn, he thought, he shouldn’t have had that last coke.
‘Richardson, my office, now!’ Mr Hughes bellowed.
Will followed Mr Hughes off the field, ass wobbling as he went.
‘Look at yourself!’ Mr Hughes yelled. ‘You’ve gotta go to the doctors.’

‘Hello Will.’ Will stood in the middle of Dr Sawyers office. He was a man of about 30. Quite attractive, Will noted, if he was into that sort of thing.
His office was neat and tidy, the sort of place you where you felt at home easily.
‘Take a seat.’
Will was still in his uniform, he hadn’t bothered to change and more importantly didn’t want the effort of squeezing into another pair of jeans.
Will moved his ever growing frame, the floor boards creeked.
The doctor raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.
Will got to the seat opposite Dr Sawyers, it was wooden and small with two armrests. Will tried to calculate if his expanding ass would be able to fit.
He took his best shot and slowly sat down. The chair squeeked and rebelled as if it was being attacked. Will lowered his frame in, his ass just fit but it was tight and when he tried to move around to get comfy he found he couldn’t. The chair was still making noises.
The doctor just staired forward.
‘So Will. Your coach has asked you to come see me, about what?’ The doctor smiled, inwardly he knew why but wanted the boy to admit it himself.
‘Um…I don’t know why Doc was just told to come.’ Will shifted, the chair squeeled some more.
‘Well, maybe its about your……how do I put this……size? You are a growing lad, anyone can see that but you have…um…..slightly let yourself go.’ The doctor gestured to the middle, Will instantly blushed.
‘Get up and we’ll have a look at you.’
Will grimaced and tried to get up. But he couldn’t, his ass was stuck in the ****ing chair.
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Old 2nd February 2010, 08:43 PM
chubbyenglishguy chubbyenglishguy is offline
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Old 2nd February 2010, 09:17 PM
xxxxx xxxxx is offline
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I like it very much. Makes a change from all the American stories.
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Old 3rd February 2010, 06:00 AM
eckgor eckgor is offline
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Fun start. Very visual, like we are seeing what the doc is seeing. Good job
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Old 7th February 2010, 10:19 AM
oookkk oookkk is offline
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This is a great story, really well written.

Reminds me of how a lot of the guys who play for my rugby team have really let themselves go since starting 6th form. we even got put on a whole squad diet lol.

Keep going! : )

Last edited by oookkk; 7th February 2010 at 10:23 AM. Reason: missed out word
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Old 7th February 2010, 08:30 PM
nasco877 nasco877 is offline
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kinda funny cause I just tried to join the rugby team at my college (theyre still in the process of creating it and having problems getting funding/insurance) but I went to a meeting and the thing one of the guys who started it kept saying was you gotta get bigger, this is basically what I was thinking of lol.
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Old 11th February 2010, 11:59 AM
chubbyenglishguy chubbyenglishguy is offline
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The Doc smirked, he saw Will try and try to move his ass out of the chair but he couldn’t.
‘Do you need some help?’ The doctor smiled again to himself.
‘Um…no.’ Will was turning red.
The doctor walked over to the chair and with surprising strength pulled Will out of the chair, all was going well and he was nearly out but his whale of an ass was still stuck.
‘Look like we might need some butter to get you out of here.’ The doctor laughed.
‘On seconds thoughts Butter isn’t what you need young man.’ He tapped Will’s gut which was now half way out of his t shirt.
Will stood up, he finally managed to get his arse out of the chair.
‘So Will, please strip down for me and I’ll get a proper look at you.’ The doctor smiled, one of his favourite part of his job was seeing huge, stupid rugby players: like Will, all they could do was play the sport and when there coach told them to beef up over Christmas, they did.
Will shrugged and began to peel of his top and then his shorts, Will stood before the doctor in the same briefs he had been wearing, they looked like a thong on him now.
‘Wow.’ The doctor said out loud, The doc had seem some pretty big beasts but never as big as this player.
‘Will, it says here you weigh 220lbs, now I think we all know that’s not true.’
‘Well..’ Will tried to suck in.
‘Ha!’ The doctor laughed out loud. ‘Go on Will, try and suck in for me!’
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Old 11th February 2010, 09:42 PM
fatlineman72 fatlineman72 is offline
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Not a bad story. The structure and pacing could use some work. The ideas are great though. One of the better stories on here.
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Old 25th February 2010, 09:22 PM
oookkk oookkk is offline
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Good story, you should continue with it.
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