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Old 4th November 2010, 01:46 AM
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Brad, the Ballooning Brat

*This story is loosely inspired by another story on the web*
Hope you enjoy.

Brad is a spoiled rotten brat. At two years old Brad's mother could no longer handle her husbands constant absence and left. Brad's father owns the most successful exercise equipment company in Asia and is almost entirely away from his San Diego compound. Brad's father is very greedy and puts his own wealth before having a relationship with his son. His greed leads him to hiring illegal immigrant men from nearby Mexico to take care of his home and son. A staff of landscapers, butlers, a tutor, and private chef's only instruction is to keep Brad happy.

Willingly abiding by this rule, the workers give Brad anything and everything he wants. This includes toys, video games, tv's, and most of all: food. Brad loves to eat. Brad sits on his bed, or at the table, or in font of the tv and has courses of pancakes with ice cream and chocolate syrup, cheeseburgers with bacon and mashed potatoes, ham and bacon pizza with piles of french fries and corn dogs, twinkies and cupcakes with chocolate whipped cream and cherry pie, and any any other sweet and greasy food he can get his greedy fingers on.

Brad eats whatever and whenever he wants. In fact, Brad does whatever he wants. The staff who raise him have no instruction to teach Brad manners or place limits on anything he does. Brad is loosely homeschooled and never has to deal with other kids. This has turned Brad into a spoiled and demanding brat. Brad NEVER says please and never does ANYTHING for himself. Brad is ALWAYS served and NEVER gets up, except to waddle his fat %$# to the toilet.

Oh yeah. Brad constant eating has had a bit of an affect on his size. Brad's laziness and obscene overeating has made him very fat. Despite his youthful metabolism, Brad's excessive eating causes him to continue to pack on the pounds.

Brad is now 17 years old and is sitting at a large table being served as usual. Brad is wearing a large pair of sweatpants and crew t and is eating...and eating. Brad lifts an enormous chocolate eclair to a handsomely structured plump face. His porky cheeks stuffed to the brink. His cheeks lead down to a soft, pink neck, laden with Brad's second and growing third chin. His neck continues down to two thick and fatty arms, connected to ten fat, greedy fingers.

Fat arms connect to soft, wide shoulders fading into plump, fat-filled man boobs. His nipples stretched to accommodate the accumulating fat tissue. Beneath his porky breasts, layers of fat become an overstuffed, round stomach that sits on two huge fat thighs. Brad's thighs are the size of truck tires and lead to wide and bulging butt than falls over either side of his chair.

Brad's lovehandles hang over his pants leaving them and his expanding stomach grossly visible beneath his shirt. Brad continues to eat and eat. Brad has felt stuffed for half an hour but has continued to gorge himself since.
The expansion of food in his stomach had begun to hurt, but Brad can't seem to stop lifting the sweets and burgers to his mouth. Suddenly, As Brad lifts a third eclair to his burger stuffed cheeks, his chair creaks and buckles beneath his enormous weight. Brad hippo sized a%# flattens the chair leaving the hippo belly up on the floor.

It takes for of the strongest yard workers to lift Brad, (whom yelled, calling them filthy idiots and blamed the workers for having a broken chair at the table), taking him to a downstairs bedroom where he is left to sleep off his feast.

While he slept, the fed up workers plotted against their abusive master. Over the next few weeks the chef concocted a blend of his native herbs into a toni that would not only slow Brads metabolism, but even further stimulate his hunger. Brad was then served the tonic over a few days in the form milkshakes, sodas, and gravies. In no time Brad ate more than ever before. Wanting to eat well into the night and without satisfaction.

Brad, already at a hefty 394 pounds, put on an additional 60 pounds over the next three months where upon the final stage of the revenge took place. After Brad turned 18, Brads tutor (being the most fluent in English) wrote Brad's father a letter exclaiming that Brad had been accepted to college out east and would be moving in the following week.

The next week Brad was pigging out as usual and upon smashing another chair was lifted, not to the bed or couch, but to the bed of one of the landscaping trucks. It took all six workers this time to lift Brad's heavy body into the truck. He resisted with little force, being so fat and unfit.

The men then drove the oversized 18 year old out to a relative's pig farm across the border where Brad was to be left. Brad, only in his increasingly small underwear demanded to be taken out and for the men to stop speaking spanish so he could understand. He cursed and demeaned his servants, only causing them to laugh at the overfed obese and yelling pig before them.

Brad was squeezed between two very fat male pigs with feeding tubes in the mouths. Brad got a tube shoved in his mouth and was injected with estrogen, causing him to produce milk from his large fat man boobs. His milk is VERY high in fat and perfect to fatten other piglets.

Six months later, the workers returned to look at what their boss had become. Since being dropped at the pig farm, brad had put on an additional 80 pounds. The , Mexican sun had tanned his skin and he was sweating incredibly. One worker jeered " look how big his belly got, it hangs on the ground!" They all laughed and a few rubbed and smacked it.

Another commented that he was crying, the relative who owned the farm explained that his belly is very full, but he would rather endure the pain of his overstuffed stomach than give up the feeding tube. The farmer said he was the fattest and greediest pig on the whole farm as he slapped his bare and enormous rear.

The farmer then asked if any of the workers cared to milk their old friend. The chef, perhaps the most abused of the staff volunteered. He squeezed between the two fat pig's rears and bellies and reached for Brad's sagging and swollen breast. The thick fat squished between the chef's hands causing him to laugh in disgust. He then whispered to his former nightmare in his broken english with the biggest grin on his face.

"You finally satisfied now, huh? You can finally eat all day long and make this milk for more fat pigs just like you." The handsome chef smiled and pinched the muddy underside of Brad's swollen belly. Brad just cried in anger and continued to suck suck on his tube.

Before the workers left the farmer asked if they wanted to take him back.
A worker replied, I don't think we could lift him anymore! And besides, he's always been a pig, he's exactly where he belongs.
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Old 4th November 2010, 02:10 AM
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Pretty creepy story! Reminds me of the Japanese animated film "Spirited Away", where the parents stuff themselves with large amounts of this strange food whihc causes them to slowly turn into pigs!
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Old 4th November 2010, 02:52 AM
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Great story.
I'm jealous. I'd like to be fed up like Brad.
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Old 4th November 2010, 02:50 PM
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I'm not jealous this is a beyond creepy story, I'm never going to mexico now XD.
There is no problem if there is no solution!
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Old 5th November 2010, 03:33 AM
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Originally Posted by silentstranger95 View Post
Pretty creepy story! Reminds me of the Japanese animated film "Spirited Away", where the parents stuff themselves with large amounts of this strange food whihc causes them to slowly turn into pigs!
Haha thats like my most favorite movie from Japan ever! But its three hours long because of all the commercials they have to put in it. I thought I was the only one who knew of it!

As for the story, I enjoyed it. Its...very different indeed!
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Old 27th June 2011, 04:48 PM
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A little creepy, but very well written.
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Old 28th June 2011, 02:46 AM
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Old 22nd September 2011, 05:24 PM
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Little weird but hot nonetheless
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