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Old 31st July 2007, 05:40 AM
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Wolf was in the stage directly before sleeping. He felt like he was in bed. The warm air of the hallway was like a blanket. And then, he twitched. One arm which previously rested on his stomach jerks sideways, elbow tapping lightly against the wall. It was enough, however, to wake him some. He sits up, scoots away from the door and appears to Zak to continue sleeping.

Zak laughs somewhat, recalling to when he was a freshman in highschool and watched Wolf fall asleep every day in their 7th period elective - Spanish II - and wake himself up by twitching. Once, he nearly fell out of a desk like that. However, the teacher of that class eventually realized that part of her job was to keep "Senor Cervantes" awake for as much of the class as possible.

He took in the scenery before slipping back into the apartment. He lay down in bed again and drift back to sleep again. He had a bizarre dream, different from the others he had because in this one, Wolf was the more corpulent of the pair. He was lying in bed and though Zak couldn't see all of him, he could tell from his face with pronounced double-chin and his spread out hips, that he was greatly heavier.

He beckoned Zak to come over and asked to help him get ready. Wolf moved his legs to the side of the bed as he stood up. Zak could now see he was extremely gelatinous, with hips and thighs that spread out to the sides and a stomach that spread out over his legs. Rather enthusiastically, he reached the other and held him by the elbows so he could right himself.

Zak was surprised when, in the dream, the much larger version of Wolf leaned against him and kissed his neck. He drew a sharp, shaky breath as he wrapped his arms around Wolf's sides which were thicker and jigglier than normal and let his hands rest on Wolf's now VERY sizable derrière.

He was led to Wolf's dresser where he picked out a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. Apparently, at this weight, dream-Wolf couldn't find anything else to fit. The t-shirt Wolf was wearing previously was lifted off to reveal a smooth stomach hanging a good way over the waist of his shorts. Zak then knelt down and slid the shorts down, only to find Wolf naked underneath. At that, he gently stroked the other's jaw before pushing his upper half down so he was bent over the bed and began rapaciously pounding him from the back.

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Old 1st August 2007, 05:18 AM
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The dream was fragmented, as Zak had never had any real experience with this type of sex. He imagined it being easy, like sex with a girl, but never gave it much thought. He imagined Wolf's orgasmic swooning to be similar to the girls in porno who get it in the ass and actually like it. When he was about to reach climax, he bent over Wolf's back, holding him around the fold of his widened waist, and he pushed himself deeper in. Zak grabbed him tightly as he finally released, then pushed his hair over one shoulder and gently tilted his chin so they could kiss. He could feel Wolf's legs shaking from both pleasure and the strain of supporting his weight - appearing upward of 500 lbs.

After he pulled out and was about to let Wolf lie down on the bed so they could continue kissing, he woke up. Seeing that nothing around the apartment had changed, he carefully opened the door and found Wolf still in the hall, still sleeping in a semi-fetal sitting position. The concept of his friend being so morbidly obese was still fresh in his mind so now, when he looked at him, he looked very delicate and lithe.

He wanted to kiss his friend for real this time and wanted it so bad he almost feels inclined to ask outright; he was curious now what Wolf really did when he came. The dream left him with a lasting "warm and fuzzy" feeling in the pit of his stomach and his groin. He wanted Wolf so bad it hurt.
Old 11th August 2007, 06:49 AM
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Wolf came back inside and laid down on the bed again, first just in a flopped manner, then he pulled the blankets over him. "Zak. Don't be weirded out when I ask you this." he said and looked up and over, with crookedly raised brows like a dog looking up from on the floor.

Zak thought for a moment. The crafty Wolf may be testing him, but the look was sincere enough. "Okay, what is it?" he asked rather hesitantly.

"Could you scratch and/or rub my back" Wolf said rather matter-of-factly.

They look at each other for a second and Zak moves over to sit by his friend's side and cautiously rub his back with the tips of his fingers.

"What are you doing? I'm not going to break" he said impatiently. "Sit on my legs and put some elbow into it; that totally didn't sound wrong" he laughs, smiling broadly.

Zak, still cautious, straddles and sits himself upon the backs of Wolf's thighs. Disbelieving what his friend has allowed him to do, how close he's been allowed, he takes a moment to take in the scenery of Wolf's rear view. It was the same hips, waist, and shoulders he'd seen before but he now got a close view of the nice rear that had now come into close view. While not necessary a huge ass, it was a nice one - a nice slope from his waist and just big enough to fill out his pants, but not so big it looked awkward at all on him. Naturally, Zak wanted to see Wolf without clothes, from all angles, to take him in like a fine work of art.
Old 13th August 2007, 06:22 AM
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Zak starts to get used to the idea and presses his palms into Wolf's back gently but firmly, moving them in different varieties of movements, switching every few moments. He snickers to himself and begins rapidly tapping his fists against Wolf's lovehandles.

Wolf made a happy noise then commented, "I'd tell you to stop playing with my fat but that feels so good"

Oh the wonders of 'selective hearing'...Zak hears, "...playing with my fat...feels so good" and almost immediately feels himself getting an erection, a slight tightness and tingle all over as blood rushes to his member. He is aware of Wolf and tilts his hips back and scoots away from Wolf's ass to hide his erection.

Zak's imagination gives him a new fantasy. As he continues to massage his friend's back, he pictures him bent over - his hands tied to his knees so he couldn't stand up, shoulders against a table. Wolf is wearing nothing but a pair of drag queen-esque knee-high boots - Zak loved the shape of his friend's calves with boots on - and his pale ass is high in the air, as he is bent over it appears even wider.

'No, Zak, no!' he thinks to himself and closes his eyes and shakes his head to get the picture out of his brain.

Wolf lifts a brow and props up on his elbows slightly. "Zak. Stop and look here" he says blankly.

Zak moves from seated on the other's legs to right beside him.

A smile crosses Wolf's lips. "I couldn't help hearing you breathe so hard and loudly. Is there something you want to get out of your system?" he asks, with a bit of subterfuge to his voice. "Do you have a crush on someone you don't think you're supposed to be crushing on?" he continues, grinning so it seemed as though he might just fade away except for the smile.

Looking about awkwardly, Zak purses his lips then looks at his room mate. "Yes. You're right. I'm not proud to say it, but I'm sure you could see it when I first walked through your door."

Wolf pauses and shakes his head, angular brows skewed towards the bridge of his nose. "Actually. I didn't. This seems to be a very recent trend, but you seem to know yourself better than I do."

Quite stunned, Zak just nods with wide eyes. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or frightened by how nonchalantly his friend has reacted to his non consensual advances.

"Actually. I see good in this. I haven't had a girlfriend in 2 years; I think I've been with everyone who can put up with me." He pauses for a moment and runs a finger against his smooth jawline. "And if you're afraid I'm some kind of spawning ground for rare forms of Gonnasyphaherpaids, I've done 7 people, 6 of which have been virgins." Zak's eyes open quite wide as he hears this. "I think it might be a good distraction and an interesting experiment if we fool around for a while"

"What?" Zak just replies. Wolf is officially gone off the deep end, if it ever was thought that he had previously.

"Can we become friends with limited benefits?" Wolf asked, knowing himself that the entire idea sounded too awkward for him to look at Zak with a straight face as he proposes it.

The gears begin to turn in the 18 year old's brain as he realizes this is what he wanted, it is actually a dream come true, and as long as its kept on the down-low it has no repercussions for him. With that thought making its final connection in his head, Zak throws himself across Wolf's chest and locks lips with him.

The corporeality and sensuality realize themselves in Zak. He sensed things that he would have never experienced in his dreams - the warmth and plushness of Wolf's body, his taste, the softness of his tongue, his smell, the almost deliberate nature of his touching. He straddles wide across Wolf's hips and kisses his neck and grinds against him impulsively but at the same time, slowly.

Wolf's grip tightens on Zak as he glides his lips against the soft skin of Wolf's neck. He draws a deep breath, holding Zak firmly against his front with a hand against the back of his shoulders.
Old 14th August 2007, 12:00 AM
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Zak just pauses and wraps his arms around Wolf's shoulders. This is just a little too much for him right now.

A few nights later, Zak goes a a coffee house to meet people from his philosophy club. He walks in, not bothering to order coffee immediately, and sits down at a table with five guys and 7 girl.

"Zak!" one of the girls squeals quietly, "I haven't seen you in sooo long! Are you living in the dorms or do you have a room mate?" She smiles, not having seen him for two years since she graduated a year ahead of him in high school.

Zak smiles back to her. "I'm not in the dorms, thankfully. A friend of mine is living here and is letting me stay."

She nods, still smiling, then takes a sip of her espresso. "Who's the room mate? I might know him."

"Wolfgang Valescu. He's been really nice about it."

She raises her brow. "You poor, poor creature...How do you do it?"

Zak looks confused.

"He's such an eccentric, idle braggart and so ostentatious...I'd assume living with him would be like living with Louis XVI." For those who are unacquainted with the various Louis's of France, XVI is characterized as being very vain, vapid, and lazy. She rolled her eyes at the thought of Wolf.

Zak shakes his head, trying to decide whether to put in a good word for his friend or go along with the girl's Wolf-bashing. Finally, he makes up his mind. "He's really not all that bad. I've known him all through highschool and especially this year and though he is eccentric and has a strange set of morals, he is very intelligent...just very absent-minded too."
Old 16th August 2007, 05:21 AM
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One of the guys chimed in. "I graduated with him from highschool AND went to elementary school with him" His eyes widened and he exhaled through his teeth as he shook his head, continuing, "He was so loud, dorky, and he kicked people in the shins in elementary school. Then I didn't recognise him when he got to middle school because he got really fat and had acne, braces, glasses, and was like 6 feet tall. As a freshman, I didn't recognise him them then either because he had long hair, ditched the braces, acne and glasses, and wore a bunch of black clothes and makeup...then when he came back from Holiday break in sophomore year it was so abrupt how he came back looking semi-normal - but he was still Fat-Ass Goth-zilla. He wore some other colours beside black and didn't wear any makeup. That's been his trend even now; I'm kind of waiting for him to reincarnate himself again as something less retarded and fat."

Zak chuckled a little, as he missed the versions of Wolfgang from elementary to senior year in high school. He just knew Wolf as a relatively eccentric, funny guy with long hair and a somewhat dark touch to his wardrobe. "Wow, but are you both, in college, still holding stuff from high school and earlier against someone? Aren't you a little too old for that?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at them with disdain.

The girl laughs vindictively, "Yes, of course, if they still act like an asshole..."

"Or we can talk about philosophy instead of bashing people you know from high school..." Zak said, beginning to to just feel irritated and uncomfortable.

One of the other guys looks across the table at all the awkward avoidance and silence and begins, "So. How is it that certain religions are taken so seriously and others are not?"

Back at the apartment, Wolf takes a change of clothes into the bathroom in preparation for taking a shower. The heat isn't fixed yet so, to make undressing more bearable, he turns the shower up as hot as it goes and lets the water warm the air as he leans over the counter towards the mirror to observe the ever-present blackheads behind his nose. It seemed that Albanians, following suite of every other greasy and easily-tanned ethnic group originating from around the Mediterranean sea, had horrible skin. He also flossed his teeth, focusing mostly on a spot behind his canine that appeared to be decayed. However, upon inspection from a different angle, the teeth at that intersection were just as healthy as the rest of his teeth.

The air was now warm enough for him to disrobe comfortably. He took off his clothes in front of the mirror and inspected himself briefly. Turning to the side, turning away and looking back over his shoulder, flexing in a few different poses, then rubbing lightly over his hips and outer thighs before turning the hot water down and stepping into the shower.

Wolfgang had been at war with his body image since puberty when, as Philosophy Club Guy said, he gained weight for no apparent reason. Though he was taller and more muscular than almost all his classmates, the social trauma of going from "slightly stocky" to "downright fat" in a year negated any confidence which might have resulted. In his later teens, his body rearranged itself once again. He got taller, his weight distribution and overall shape changed somewhat, and he exploited the ease with which he could gain muscle. Though not necessarily proud of being fat, he accepted himself as 'attractive but not widely appreciated.'

He stood in the shower with the hot water spraying against his chest for a moment before soaping up a washrag and scrubbing himself all over. After rinsing the suds from his body, he flipped his hair forward over is head and leaned his hip against the back wall of the shower. His height made it near impossible to wash his hair while standing.

He soaked his hair so he could put shampoo in it, rubbed it through, and ran his fingers through it as he rinsed it, tilting his head to one side then the other to make sure all the soap was out. Then, he poured a gratuitous amount of conditioner onto his hand and rubbed it through, putting it only on the hair hanging down in front of him, not actually onto his head. That he rinsed just until no bubbles flowed down then shut off the water and walked out of the shower. He used a towel to quickly dry his hair to the point of not dripping then wrapped it haphazardly around his hips. Fortunately, Zak does not know Wolf spends most of his shower bent over.

He shakes his hair and uses a large comb - an afro pick, rather - to comb through it. When finished, he flips it behind his shoulders and proceeds to get dressed. Boxers first, flannel pants, long-sleeved shirt, he pulls his hair out of the collar of his shirt, then puts on a hooded sweatshirt.

Wolf doesn't have much time to himself before Zak returns from his meeting. During that time he sits out in the hall playing a game on his Sony hand-held. A few people pass him and an elderly woman pauses. "Why are you sitting out in the hall so late?"

"The heat's been broke for the last few weeks," he said, pausing his game and looking up.

The woman looks surprised. "Weeks? Well, you should call the repairman! In the meantime, would you like a heater? I think I have a space heater you can borrow"

Equally surprised by the woman's kindness, Wolf nods and smiles, "That would be so nice."

He gets up and follows her to her apartment, prepared to move it for her. He thanks her on his way out and sets the heater in the middle of the living room, then brings his blankets out in front of it. It was too cold to sit up and play games and too late by now to eat, so he got ready for sleep and curled up in the blankets next to the heater.

Zak came home to a dark apartment and turned the lights on to see Wolf under the blankets as marked by the covered silhouette of his backside, layered blankets following the contours of his hip and flank. Zak quietly prepared himself and followed his friend's cue, bringing his blankets and situating himself on the other side of the heater.
Old 17th August 2007, 11:23 PM
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Old 18th August 2007, 06:42 AM
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Zak woke up the next cold morning finds that Wolf had beat him to it. He walks into the bedroom to find him going through his dresser drawers, flinging clothes here and there.

"What are you doing?" Zak asked.

"I need to get rid of clothes. I got too many." He says before standing, holding a pair of jeans. He quickly removes his flannel pants and pulls the jeans up. They fit, looking painted-on, but they were barely button-able, and the zipper would not stay up for anything. "How the hell did these ever fit!?" Wolf exclaimed in an agitated, hissed whisper as he struggled to push them back down his legs. He replaces the flannel pants and keeps digging.

Zak wanted to see him try on more ill-fitting clothes so he could watch them be filled, seams near splitting, with his lushly curved thighs and rears, and lovehandles spilling over the tops.

Wolf digs through the clothing for a few more seconds before he again stands, this time removing his shirts. When he finishes buttoning it, the shirt's white fabric puckered across the back of his shoulders and around his upper arms From in the mirror, Zak saw that most of the buttons were gapped noticeably, and Wolf couldn't even fasten them from just below his breasts and up.

He turns around, "Zak? Do you want these pants? They're too small for me and you don't have this," he points to his hips, "or this" he points to his thighs, "so they might fit you."
Old 19th August 2007, 05:52 AM
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All Zak can do is raise his brow and accept the pants. He takes off his and tries the hand-me-downs on to find they're slightly big, actually baggy on him. It's finally occurred to him exactly how wide Wolf's ass is, but now that he thinks back to how he looked in highschool. He still had big hips and legs back then, but his stomach only stuck out a little and was just squishy. The overhang is a relatively new addition to Wolf's anatomy, but from the waist-up he looks about the same. Zak wonders, at this rate, what Wolf might look like when he's 30 - like his dream?

"Wolfgang..." Zak said, "you know I'm attracted to you."

"Yea, what of it?"

"Why do you have to tease me so bad?" he asks.

Wolf grins and laughs. "It's because I'm pure evil" he says as he removes his shirt and leans forward to flick Zak in the forehead.

"Ach, do you have any idea how bad I want you?" Zak asks, quietly but full of desperation.

Wolf, still teasing, just shrugs at him then quickly snaps toward him to deliver a knockout strike with the heel of his hand to the underside of the right side of Zak's jaw.

When Zak comes to, fully, he finds that he is tied spread-eagle to the metal frame of the bed. A few seconds later, he realises he is now completely naked. The door closes behind Wolf, who walks in wearing only a pair of black boxers.

Within view of Zak, he laid out an assortment of odd things on the nightstand: a bowl of ice, paper clips, a wash rag, a condom, a bottle of rum, and packing tape. He shivers for a slip second when Wolf straddles him with big, smooth thighs and snugly affixes paper clips to Zak's nipples.

Seemingly on purpose, he leans forward to grab the bottle of rum with his crotch over Zak's face. He sits back and leans foward. His lips skim across Zaks but, instead, he blows air and a small amount of rum up Zak's nose then stuffs the wash rag in his mouth before he could scream out in pain.

The alcohol burns the inside of Zak's nose and his eyes water. The pain is unbearable and he cringes, scrunching his nose slightly and closing his innocent green eyes tightly. The only thought in his mind was begging how Wolf learned to be so incredibly evil? Regardless of the gag, he tries to scream and thrash around but his arms were restrained any way he moved them and Wolf's weight held his hips down. Quickly, he tired himself out and simply lie there panting from pain and exhaustion.

With their exposed bodies in such proximity, Wolf looked positively beastly hunched over Zak with his dark, wild hair hanging over his back and shoulders; and the various grooves and curves of the muscles flexed under his skin; even under fat, certain muscles could be seen plainly. In contrast, Zak looked soft and weak - young, pale, and slightly pot-bellied - and his fine blonde hair fanned out on the pillow underneath his head.
Old 23rd August 2007, 05:21 AM
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Wolf shifted his hips forward to teasingly grind against Zak's chin. From the lack of hardness, it became apparent to him that this, for Wolf, was very routine or even scientific for him. He sat back down on Zak's hips and drew his hand across his chest to deliver a sharp, stinging pimp slap to his cheek.

Zak blinked for a second and looked back up. That cruel behemoth straddling his hips so nonchalantly was grinning, perversely amused. He rather cringed as he watched Wolf back his hips up and lean down above Zak's chest. It was more Wolf's hips he watched which swayed slightly as he backed up.

'Hah, he's scared', Wolf thought when he placed his ear against the smaller boy's chest and heard a quick, deep heartbeat brought on by arousal and fear. He grinned again and wrapped his long fingers around Zak's neck. Untrimmed nails - more hoof-like on a man, different from the delicate kitten's-claw feel of a woman's nails - pressed into the soft skin; not hard, but enough so that their presence and potential threat could be known. He gently took Zak's nipple between his teeth and flicked his tongue over it. Zak now smelled the liquor on his oppressor's breath, quite strong.

Zak gasped and flinched violently. Wolf's retort was to hold his neck tighter and dig in a little more with his nails. But he also continued, with his mouth and the other hand to tease Zak, to lick his consort's nipples and teasingly run his thumb nail across the slight crease between his belly fat and pubic area, but lower with each stroke. Eventually, he flinched again and Wolf tightened his grip so much so, this time, that Zak coughed dryly and gasped for breath through his mouth, inhibited by the rag.

[The red section is particularly graphic. Skip it if you're easily offended or the parentals are around]

Wolf filled the condom with ice and wrapped it tightly in packing tape. He walked away to retrieve a container of Vaseline, and rubber gloves from the bathroom and replaced himself where he was. Zak watched him put on the rubber gloves and smooth the Vaseline all over the surface of the diabolically conceived phallic object.

It was a strange sensation when the freezing-cold impromptu dildo entered him but it turned to pain when the cold leeched to his insides. Wolf's nonchalant manner and ever present stern expression were what disturbed Zak the most. He couldn't decide whether to scream or moan as the ice was slid in and out of him, but his erection told the true story.

This seemed like one of his fantasies, as the ones in his dreams, came true but in a very twisted form. He grit his teeth and his heart beat faster as the melted water trickled down between his cheeks, and Wolf just look stoic as ever, not even stopping as he smoothed his hair away from his face with the wrist of the unoccupied arm.

With the ice still inside Zak, he got beside him and leaned against his neck with that same forearm. He was still coughing and gagging. Soon, everything just faded to black again.

He woke up in bed, no longer tied up. The room was almost dark with the blue cast of the winter twilight and a yellow incandescent glow emanated from under the doorway. He sat up tiredly, rubbed his eyes, and fumbled around the room for clothes to put on.

Once clothes, he went to the kitchen to see Wolf cooking something that smelled spicy and rather good. An open package of tortilla wraps an chopped lettuce in a bowl on the counter suggested some sort of Tex-Mex. Possibly burritos?

"What was that all about?" he asked Wolf.

"What was what?" he asked as he turned around to Zak. His eyes widened after a quick look and he stepped close to him. "****! You have bruises on your neck!" he exclaimed then looked down at Zak's bruised ankles, then grabbed his wrists to see that they were bruised as well. "Wow" he just said before going back to the stove.

Zak walked quickly to the bathroom to examine the bruises. Sure enough, there were darkened, uneven, bluish lines across his neck and similar marks on his wrists and ankles. For a moment, he paused in thought, then lifted the suspiciously unused-looking paper in the garbage can to find rubber gloves and the impromptu dildo sans ice.

"You suck at hiding your stuff" Zak said, stepping out from the hallway.

Wolf turned around with a raised brow, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Zak huffed angrily, "What did you use rubber gloves and a condom wrapped in tape with ice cubes in it? Not raping me, no."

"Oh. That." Wolf said, knowing he was caught. "That was my attempt at scaring you straight, which apparently didn't work because you jizzed all over the side of my hair after you passed out." he continued, pointing to the section of wet hair he apparently washed. Zak blushed and averted his gaze, Wolf raised one of his angular brows.

"You tried to 'scare' me 'straight'?"

Wolf just nodded, "Of course I did. I had never known you to be anything but straight and I figured this was just a phase you were going through. I was bi-curious at one point until I actually pondered the mechanics of anal sex."

Zak pursed his lips and just walked off to sit on the couch, his mind thoroughly boggled. He would need some time.

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