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Old 1st April 2007, 06:14 AM
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Beginning of Something Grand(From FatNat's Archive)

Beginning of Something Grand
By YoungFat

It was the first day of school (just another, like all the others). Mike hated these days because it was still the middle of summer as far as he was concerned, and being boarded up into a tiny classroom was not his idea of a good time. He would much rather be at the pool, or sunning on the beach, reading in a library, or spending time at his computer. Anywhere but in school.

But, he was interested in seeing which 8th grade classroom he would be put into, which teacher he would have, and of course, he always liked meeting the new kids. There was no-one in school that he was closely attached to, and every year he hoped that one of the new students would become a possible friend.

Itís not that Mike was unpopular in any way. Other kids respected him, enjoyed his company, and valued his input. Itís just that he made himself an outsider because of his lack of physical talent and interest. While all the other kids ran out to play in the school-yard, Mike would go to the library and sketch in his sketchbook, or read. Often he would be alone, but he was not a stranger to solitude and quiet.

Because of his sedentary preferences, Mike was a very chubby guy. He had been on the large side for as long back as his memory went, and he was comfortable in his body. His legs were thick and stout, and they supported his soft upper body nicely. When he sat, his belly naturally snuggled itself into his lap, and his chest rolled out on top of it. Mike was partial to wearing sweat-shirts and jeans, and because of this, he reminded the other kids of a cuddly stuffed toy. They accepted him that way, and he never really questioned his body.

Then a new kid came into his life, and slowly his eyes were opened.

Standing off to one side of the court-yard was a huge kid. He was short like everyone Mikeís age, but fatter than any kid Mike had ever seen in his life. For reasons beyond his understanding, Mike was instantly drawn to the new kid. The round, cheerful face was open and smiling. Soft, sparkling eyes peeked out over dimpled cheeks. Everything about this new boy suggested that he was an honest and true friend -just what Mike had always wanted.

The new kidís outstandingly large body was hardly even a thought that passed through Mikeís head as he went over and introduced himself. Softness and roundness were common and normal to Mike, and the kidís weight never crossed his mind. All that was on Mikeís mind was that he had finally found a guy like himself, in a world in which so many kids were different.

The new kidís face lit up when he saw Mike approach. The cheerful expression on his face exploded into a full-forced grin. A friend already!

Mike said hi, and held out his hand. The new kid took it and shook it. Then he introduced himself as Chris, from Canada, who had just moved to the States with his dad. Apparently his father was working in the entertainment industry, and they had moved into one of the larger houses in town -one with a pool. At this news Mike was thrilled -now he wouldnít have to use the public swimming pool in the neighborhood!

The bell rang for classes to start, and the two new buddies slowly headed for the doors. They passed a class list on their way in, and found that they were in the same homeroom. It seemed that fate was bringing them together.

When they got to the class, Mike saw many old faces. They all turned to Chris and looked him up and down. Seeing that Chris and Mike had already joined forces, they had no problem with accepting this usually fat kid in an instant. Of course they all had a chuckle when Chris had trouble fitting into the small classroom desks, but Chris himself laughed the most of all. There was no embarrassment in him, no regrets, and nothing to hide. Somehow the class felt this, and accepted their new classmate without bias towards his amazing size.

The day proceeded uneventfully, and the teachers introduced the class to the years work. During recess, Chris joined Mike in the library, and they chatted about life in town. Chris told Mike that he had looked forward to the warmer climate, but he hoped that it did not get too hot. Mike laughed and explained that it got very hot, but thatís what the swimming pools were for! Chris invited Mike over for a swim that evening.

After school, Mike walked home with Chris. It was not a far walk at all, and Chris said that his dad had picked a house close to the school on purpose, so that the travel wasnít too hard on him. Even so, both boys were hot and sweaty when they reached Chrisí house several minutes later. Mike had still not really looked too closely at Chrisí body, but while walking next to him, he could feel Chrisí great mass with every step they took.

The first place they headed was the kitchen, both of them were starving for a snack, because school lunches were smaller than what they had eaten over summer vacation. Going to the freezer, Chris pulled out two large containers of ice cream. Mike had never been given so much ice cream before, but he was so hungry and hot that he dug in without a second thought. Within half an hour, both tubs of ice cream were empty, and both boys full. Well, almost full. Chris grabbed a box of crackers before they headed to his room, and started eating them.

At the top of the stairs they headed past Chrisí dadís room and to his own. Once inside, Chris crashed on his bed, and his body spread out a fair amount in every direction. Mike took a chair in front of Chrisí computer.

Chris asked if Mike was still hot, and Mike definitely was. They both knew that the pool was the only answer. Too tired to get up, Chris told Mike to go into his closet and grab two pairs on swimming trunks. One pair was brand-new, and obviously meant for a very large adult to wear. The other was an older pair that Chris said he had grown out of, but that should fit Mike fine. Mike found them both easily.

After throwing the larger pair to Chris on the bed, Mike slipped out of his clothes and put on the swimming trunks. They were a bit tight on his waist and legs, but he could live with it. He looked over at Chris and saw that he hadnít done anything.

Looking a bit sheepish, Chris told Mike that he needed a bit of help getting changed. Usually his dad helped, but since he wasnít home, Mike would have to give him a hand. Mainly, the swimming trunks were the problem.

At first Mike didnít understand, but then Chris took off his shirt and everything became clear. Mike finally realized just how fat Chris really was.

With much difficulty, Chris pulled himself up into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. His body spilled everywhere. Chrisí great love-handles rolled out beside him, and behind him -overhanging the sides of his legs quite a bit. From them, his belly stretched out along his sides and to his front. First, it sat heavily on the tops of his monstrous thighs, and then it finally fell between them and hung down to the level of his round calves. It stuck out nearly to his knees. Bulging above his belly was a fantastic roll of fat that fell towards each side and formed two soft male-breasts. They hung in two great rolls on the front, and continued under his armpits towards his back. Chrisí upper arms were so thick that he could not reach the front of his belly where his belly-button was located, even if he tried. Moving up his body, Mike now noticed that Chris had no neck because his face was so round and cherubic.

The problem was obvious -Chris could not get the swimming trunks on by himself because he could not reach to his feet, and even if he could, his belly was blocking the way from pulling them up.

Chris smiled at Mikeís expression of awe.

Mike said that he could see why Chris needed help. Chris just nodded, and then asked if Mike minded. Mike instantly said that he did not, because for some reason, he actually wanted to touch the soft beauty of fat before him. At this Chris laughed, and agreed that it felt pretty great to touch. He said that he thought Mike had some great looking fat too.

Finally Mike realized just how big he was. He wasnít anywhere close to being as fat as Chris, but he could easily see the similarities. The round love-handles, the overhanging belly (though his was much smaller of course), the soft chest, and yes, even his neck was disappearing too. Mike realized that he wasnít just chubby anymore -he was fat! No wonder he didnít play sports or do physical stuff like the other kids!

Mike wondered what it would be like to be as fat as Chris was... And secretly he hoped that he would find out one day.

Chris broke the stillness by reaching under his belly and undoing the fly of his jeans. For a few minutes his arms and hands disappeared completely. This was not an easy task. Finally the jeans were open, and Mike helped pull them off. The nudity did not bother him at all because there was really nothing to see. Chrisí fat was practically a set of clothing of itís own!

Mike picked up the large swimming trunks, put them around Chrisí feet, and pulled them up as far as they would go, until the huge belly got in the way. Mike asked Chris what to do next. In answer, Chris grabbed the sides of the trunks to keep the up, and told Mike to lift his belly for him.

Following instructions, Mike went down on his knees and put both hands under the heavy mass of flesh. Then he hefted it up and out of the way, as far as it would go. For several whole minutes, Mike carried 200 lbs. of soft belly fat in his arms, with his face right next to it. While he was doing this, Chris pulled the shorts up the rest of the way.

At last, Mike dropped the load of belly and it fell back between Chrisí legs. It was impossible to tell that Chris was even wearing any swimming trunks at all. Mike started to laugh.

Chris asked him what he found so funny, and Mike answered that he had never before seen so much fat on one person! He was totally blown away by the fact that Chris was so fat that clothes were not necessary, and that he actually needed help to put them on! Chris then asked what Mike thought being fat was like. To this, Mike admitted that he had never thought about it before, but he had guessed that it was pretty much like being as fat as he already was. He had no idea that a person could get much bigger.

Now it was Chrisí turn to laugh. Then, he leanded forward, reached far over his belly, and grabbed Mike by his love-handles. Mike was pulled forward until he was belly to belly with Chris, and their fat was squished together firmly. It was hard to tell where each separate kid began and ended. Mike put both hands on either side of Chrisí belly and started to play with it. He caressed it and pushed on it. Then he reached down under it and lifted it again to feel the weight of it. Closing his eyes, Mike pretended that Chrisí fat was his own, and that it was his own belly that he was touching.

It was at that moment that Mike knew he wanted to be as fat as Chris. Maybe more.

Chris enjoyed the experience as well... He had never felt someone else play with his fat before. He had touched and explored his own belly many times, but when someone else was doing it, it felt like an entirely different sensation. It was heaven to feel the softness of Mikeís belly against his own, and to feel even bigger than he already was -because he imagined Mikeís fat was his.

Chris knew at that moment that he would get fatter, because he loved the feeling of the extra weight on his body.

Both boys were lost in their own worlds -each imagining themselves bigger and fatter than they had ever been before. Their hands explored each otherís bodies tenderly, and each was in the bliss of finding a soul-mate who felt, finally, what the other felt. Somehow they understood that they had become more then friends. They had become something even closer.

Finally they stopped. The boys had experienced something that they had never felt before. They had grown closer to another person like themselves. Chris and Mike knew that they were very lucky to have found each other, because now they could help each other in their newly made goals. They had not crossed any moral boundaries, but their relationship was solidified in each otherís touch. It was a beautiful thing.

After the experience, they both agreed that they needed the swim in the pool more than ever. Mike was very hot, but Chris needed to be cooled down immediately. Taking Chrisí arm, Mike helped him into a standing position. After helping, Mike stepped back to look at Chris once more.

Again, Mike was blown away by Chrisí sheer mass. Now that he was standing up, Chrisí belly hung halfway down the front of his thighs. The swimming trucks were still hidden behind the massive overflow of flesh, and the waistband was fighting a loosing battle under his love-handles. The chest that sat on top of the belly before, was now taken over by gravity, and the great rolls of fat sat lower down his torso. Mike walked up to Chris and gave him a big hug before going to the bedroom door.

Slowly the two waddled down the stairs, down a hallway, and finally they entered the swimming pool area. It was gigantic. The pool was large and oddly shaped, and beside it was a hot-tub. In the far wall was a door that led to a stream-room. Considering how heated they both were, they went to the edge of the pool and dived in without pause. The splash flooded the roomís floor.

Over the next hour, the boys played in the pool, swimming, floating, and lunging at each other. In the pool, both were much lighter because of their natural buoyancy. Enjoying the lack of normal mass, they were able to jump on each other and without fear of injury. Chrisí belly was released from itís downward pull, and Mike was able to really feel how soft it was. The boys were inseparable.

Tiring out from physical exhaustion, they dragged themselves out of the water, and headed to the steam room. Mike opened the door for Chris, and they both entered. The room was hot and clouded with humid, refreshing steam. Chris waddled over to one of the benches and sat down heavily, the sweat and water already glistening on his expansive body. Mike followed him, and laid on his back on the same bench. Using Chrisí love-handle as a pillow, he was in a state of pure relaxation. Chris reached over with one great arm, placed it on Mikeís belly, and absent-mindedly massaged it.

Not a word was exchanged between the two, but both were content that way.

An hour later, they were back in Chrisí room, and Mike was helping Chris to get his jeans back on. Just as Chris was reaching under his belly to do them up again, the door opened and Chrisí dad walked into the room. Or rather he squeezed into the room, because Chrisí dad was even fatter than he was. The fatherís body was much like Chrisí, but he was a full grown man, and had obviously had a chance to grow much bigger over time.

Chrisí dad wore blue-jeans that rode low on his waist, but it was hard to notice because of the belly that hung down to his knees. He wore a tight white T-shirt that was tucked into the jeans, and his belly actually pulled the front of it out and down. Several inches of pink fat hung out the bottom of the shirt in front because it simply could not contain the huge mass of it. The legs and arms were twice the size of Chrisí, and there was no sign that the man had ever even had a neck. The face was round and kind, and as he looked at the two shirtless boys, it broke out into a broad smile.

Mike quickly threw on a shirt, as if getting caught for doing something he shouldnít have done. The man laughed, a warm honest chuckle, and told Mike not to be embarrassed. Chris smiled and told his father that they had just gone for a swim in the pool, and then proceeded to introduce Mike.

Chrisí father shook Mikeís hand, and then asked if Mike had helped Chris with his clothes. Mike answered that he had, and the father smiled and thanked Him. To this, Mike quickly said that it was no problem at all, and that he was glad to help! Chris and his dad exchanged quick smiles, and then the father told the boys that he had gone shopping and that there was tons of food downstairs if they were hungry.

No second invitation was needed, and all three hurried downstairs. Chris still didnít have his shirt on yet. The boys went into the living room to watch TV, and Chrisí dad went into the kitchen to get some food ready. Chris spread himself out over the chesterfield, and his belly drooped over the side. Mike found a comfortable chair to sink into.

A few minutes later, the father entered with three plates covered in delicious snacks. Cakes, fruit, crackers, cheeses, and many other delights, were piled high on each. Chris rolled on to his back, and his dad set the plate down on top of his belly for him. The next plate he handed to Mike, and then he himself sat down on the love-seat, with his belly hanging between his legs and almost touching the floor.

They all ate hungrily while watching TV, and they chatted together about the first day of school. It was the beginning of a long, happy friendship for all of them -playing, eating, and enjoying the company of each other, while increasing their sizes infinitely...
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Old 7th April 2007, 01:56 AM
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Good story, although I excepted that Chris' dad would have to be huge. Long, but well written. I wished there was more to this...
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Old 7th April 2007, 03:37 AM
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Yes, this was one of my favourites, and one of the few I had saved in print form long ago. I thought it was written with a real personal tenderness only rarely seen in gainer stories, and it was one I reread frequently.

And yes, Barnabas, I guess we had to expect the dad to be really huge under the circumstances, but for me that didn't detract at all from the story about the tenderness between Chris and Mike. I did, however, kinda wonder at the ending of the story how Chris and his Dad could get very much bigger than they were (even if the somewhat smaller Mike did). Oh well, I guess to enjoy a good story we just have to be able to take the best and let the rest pass...
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Old 10th April 2009, 08:56 AM
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This was really good
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Old 5th September 2009, 12:22 PM
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a great story
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Old 14th January 2010, 03:51 AM
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good story
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Old 1st February 2010, 05:06 AM
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Personally I thoght his dad would be skinny
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Old 4th February 2010, 04:58 AM
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^Same here.

I wish there was more...
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Old 26th April 2010, 08:17 PM
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this story is awesome and i wish there was more.....
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Old 26th April 2010, 11:50 PM
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Nice story and agree, it would be cool if it was longer.
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