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Chapter 5!

Sorry everyone for the delay, but here's the next installment. More plot later, but here's a treat for you!

Chapter 5
It seemed like months had gone by before Jack and Troy stood to leave the restaurant. Jack had been bested, and with two extra bites eaten by Troy. The sight before both of them was a rare one. They both had food still on their plates. Jack sighed, and grabbed the check. Troy had stopped burping, for there was no more room for air. They were stuffed, Troy's massive belly pushing hard into the table between them, and Jack's was round and distended like a beach ball. He felt it tenderly, and it was solid, even with the fat he had accumulated recently.
"Now what?" Jack asked.
"Now, we sleep." Troy answered. The both stood, Jack paid, and they waddled to the car.
Troy dropped him off at his apartment and told him to sleep.
"I promise you, you will feel hungry after you wake up." Troy said. Jack considered napping on the couch, but decided to go all out and sleep in his bed. He stripped down and even took off his now too-tight boxers. He was a sight. His gut was still rounded, but the fat sagged and jiggled when he moved. His thighs were getting flabbier and they were now closer together, it seemed. They were almost touching each other. Jack looked straight down and his belly and chest were obstructing his view of little Jack and more surprisingly, his feet. He rubbed his gut, grabbed it and let it bounce back down. He could feel himself get a bit hard from the sight, but sleepiness was overpowering his sexual urges now. He settled into bed, and quickly fell asleep.

He was having a new dream. A new dream that had now replaced the old one that had started him out on this process of expansion. He found himself in a desk chair. An office chair, with wheels and arm rests on the side. He was at his desk and next to his computer he noticed a mountain of hostess cakes and pies. The pile overtook his desk and some tumbled to his feet, their plastic wrappers crinkling.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, but he was too full to move or even turn around. The hand slid off and the mystery man came around him on the right side. It was Chris, the waiter at Chino's that Jack drooled over. His sandy blond hair was always cut short, and while his size wasn't due to fat, he was attractive. He was in his work clothes and leaned in to Jack's face.

"You aren't full yet." He said, and sat on the edge of the desk, making a few more snacks tumble down. "Not when you haven't had desert yet." With that, he reached for a Twinkie, unwrapped it and confidently stuffed it in Jack's mouth. Jack had no choice but to swallow it. But by the time he finished that one, Chris had another one all ready to go and heading toward his lips. Jack's gut was stretched more and more, getting rounder and rounder. Where was it all going to fit?

"I'm not stopping until these are gone. Keep it up!" He said with another snack at the ready. Jack felt like he would burst, his gut and midsection were straining. After the next snack had been swallowed he felt like he really would burst. "Enough!"
Chris paused, smiled and said, "...not even close." And stuffed him with another one. Jack forced the cake down and his stomach rumbled. The pressure on his belly eased somewhat. Chris stuffed him full again and again his stomach rumbled and the pressure lowered, like it was making room for more, but where was it going?

After a bit more time, he found out. There was a strange rubbing against his sides and he looked down, startled to see that he was wide enough to be pushing against the arms of the desk chair! His belly was sagging lower, a new layer of fat had developed and was increasing the size of the once small belly apron. He squirmed in his seat, and noticed that his thighs were now swaying when he moved from side to side but they no longer were apart. They had grown enough to squish together in the middle. Chris smiled and stuffed another creme pie in Jack's mouth and he chewed beginning to feel full again, and his eyes trailed around his side to see a butt begin to inflate to match his ham hock thighs.

Knowing that he wasn't going to explode, he ate faster now, enjoying the feeling of his fuller, fatter body, the pressure he exerted on the chair, how he began to fill it's every corner with his fat. He anticipated feeling fuller and getting to the popping point, only to feel the familiar gurgle and increase in size. This seemed to go on for a long time. Jack barely even noticed the pile of cakes and snacks getting smaller and smaller.

A while later, Jack's hips and waist overtook the arms of the chair, enveloping it, and his gut was giggling with every move he made. His thighs were pressed together and he seemed to be riding higher as his ass was pushing him up and out. He kept eating, and eating.

He began to slow towards the end. His stomach stopped making room for his extra food and he became stuffed again. "Just a few more to go..." Chris smiled. "You can do it."
"God, I can't! No room!" Jack said between bites. Chris kept stuffing him, he swelled, and ached, and was about to pop when the arms of the chairs broke off releasing his sides to hang off and over the chair.
Three more.

Two more.

One more.

After the last one, it felt like the bottom dropped out of his stomach and as the pressure released, his body surged outward with another large layer of fat. More than anywhere else, his gut. Underneath the apron of fat already there, there surged another roll pushing the first one higher and out farther. His chest exploded outward and under his arms like filling a balloon with water and the chair broke, sending him down to the floor. Chris knelt down and put one hand on Jack's gut, and one picked up a massive breast.

"Want more?" He asked with a devilish look in his eye.

Jack then awoke with a gnawing in his stomach and a need to see Chris.
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