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Paltry responses don't surprise me too much.

It happens to every online community sooner or later.
Originally it's a group of guys of whatever interest who have lively
discussions opinionated responses and clever rebuttals.

Then as the guys start slowly getting whatever they are looking for,
or their interest in the group wanes, then the only people left is the
board ops who end up hosting for other board ops. It's been this way
going through its' cycles since the days of the BBS sad to say.

Then if it keeps going, spammers. adbots and scammers pollute it to death,
it falls apart, and everybody else online ignores it.

The Gay-Disabled site on Gay-Universe.
More local-city bigmens' clubs than you can count.
Pick a personals site for big men. (singing to Joni Mitchell's [I/Big Yellow Taxi/I]
It's almost all pollution, and then they charge all the people 11.95 just to see it.
All the Bigmens' Magazines.
One guy bought one, scanned it and uploaded it to a free FTP site
so nobody would buy any and they all folded
only to join the pollution-ridden world of pay sites.
And then a few years goes by, it gets rediscovered by a new crew,
and the cycle starts again.