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The Fat Guy Manual

1. If nobody sees you eat, food has no calories. Without evidence, there’s no crime.
2. If you have a diet soda with a chocolate bar, the calories of the bar are canceled by the soda.
3. If you eat blindfold, you can gain weight as much as you like that you’ll never have a heart attack: away from the eyes, away from the heart.
4. Walk only with fat people and try to fatten everybody around you. So you’ll look thinner.
5. Cinema food, like popcorn, jujube and M&M, are not considered like food and goes to the culture category.
6. A broken cookie has fewer calories; you can eat it at your will.
7. It is a myth that vegetables help you lose weight. Elephants are herbivorous (This is true... Have you ever thought about this?)
8. Do not get bored if you spend your life fat. You’ll have the eternity for being only bones!

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