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The dreaded bussiness suit.

A couple of days ago I had to go to a speech class while wearing a complete suit (vest and all) for a speech and a mock interview as the final grade. So the teacher, being the "perfect" person he tries to convey, explains to the class the "proper" way to wearing the business suit. Me, on the other hand, I was too busy looking at dust particles accumulate when I suddenly heard the teacher mention that when wearing business pants that we should place it over our guts.

Now I'm a sensible person when it comes to dress apparel but to be able to stretch a +46 waist pants over a +58 gut was just laughable. But about 2 seconds after the teacher had mentioned that one of my classmates, who is about 1 foot taller than me and maybe weighed more than 300+ pounds, just asks,"What about us big guys with the guts?". At that moment I look up and feel almost every single look at me. I swear to you, I felt so embarassed at that moment that my head would have imploded. The teacher however, almost as shocked to hear something like that, couldn't think of a good excuse.

The strange thing about this though was that I felt a little proud for both me and my classmate seeing as we were both the only 300+ pound people around. It was cool to have someone speak on my behalf and to stand up for the big guys.

So...has anything like this ever happened to you all? And is it "proper" to wear the pant's waist over the gut?