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Exclamation Notification to all members


Since we have experienced a large burst of new members.
Welcome to all of them.

There are a few things I would like to explain again for those who have not yet seen or noticed it by now.

This Forum is here for all people, of all ages, sizes, genders and sexual preferences to enjoy. We do have a larger number of people below the age of 30, then above, and an especially large amount of "minors" (people below the age of 18).

We do not discriminate anyone, and we most certainly do not outrule anyone that doesn't fall into a certain age, size, gender or preference catagory, so we ask everyone to please keep this in mind when posting.

We have a fairly large and detailed list with rules that explain what is and what isn't allowed on our boards, we advise you to read trough them.
Click ->here<- to get to them.
We have also set up a number of rules to follow when you are using our Private/Personal Messaging system.
Click ->here<- to get to them

Another thing people seem not to read or not to know about, is that before you are able to see pictures you need to have made 7 good and meaningful posts. Even after you have made that limit it can take up to a day before it is registered and activated.
We delete all posts we do not find meaningful.
We also look at the timespan they are posted in.

I hope this is now clear to everyone.

If you still have any questions feel free to send a message to any of the staff members instead of posting it on the boards and we will contact you as soon possible.

BigGuts Moderator.

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