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Chapter 2
“…can I ask you a question?”
“Sure.” Troy answered between bites. “How big do you think you’ve gotten since high school?” Jack threw out the question as lightly as he could.
“You mean ‘fat’.” Troy answered. There was a small pause. “Yeah…” Jack said lamely. Troy shifted his bulk a bit and took a swig of his beer. After a long pause, Jack said, “It’s not ‘cause I’m going to bitch about it or anything, honest. I’m just ….I was just curious.” Troy searched Jack’s eyes for any dishonesty in the question, and found none. “It’s okay…” Troy softened and smiled, “I guess I’ve gained around two hundred pounds now.”
“Yeah.” Troy admitted. He patted his belly and it shook underneath his shirt.
“Do you…like it?” Jack ventured. Troy laughed. “What I like is food, and lots of it!” They both laughed. “At least that’s how it started. College was great. Instead of running out of food at home, I could unleash on the buffet at the dining center. Remember those huge trays?” Jack nodded. “ Well, after my freshmen year, I could fill up one of those trays, eat it all, and go back for seconds!”

“My family definitely noticed my gain, mainly because I was such a stick as a kid. We ate bigger meals at home to accommodate my appetite. Things were great!”
“What happened?”
“I kept it up. Eating constantly. Mindless eating, gorging at meal times…Pretty soon, I could down a large pizza and a two liter of soda in a sitting. This kind of eating happened for the next three years.”
“But you moved home, right? After college?”
“Yeah, and in my parent’s eyes, I went from being a ‘growing boy’ to an out-of-control eater. Which I didn’t mind, and while my parents settled for the fact that they couldn’t restrict my diet anymore, they begged me to see a doctor.” And, like I anticipated, he had a speech prepared about how dangerous it was, and how ugly it was. Yes, he actually mentioned that!”
“God! I would have told him to **** off!” Jack retorted.
“Well, I didn’t. I simply told him that while I was quite large, I had gotten comfortable with my bulk. I stay healthy. I eat right, but A LOT, and the weight doesn’t bother me because all the things I like to do aren’t strenuous. I lost a bit for my parents, but when I moved out, I gained it all right back again, and kept on eating.” Troy concluded with a nod.
“Huh.” Jack said. There was a thoughtful pause, and he blurted out, “I’ve been thinking about getting bigger…I mean fatter. Would you help me?”
“What?” Troy turned to him in surprise. “I’ve seen you get bigger over the years, and would like to get bigger too.”
“Dude,” Troy started to get up, “if this is a gay way of you coming on to me….”
“ No! No it’s definitely not.” Jack said quickly. “This is all about me, and what I want for myself. And believe me…” Jack said as Troy sat down again. “…of anyone, it definitely would NOT be you!” Troy punched him in the shoulder playfully. Troy rolled the idea around in his head for a few minutes.
“Well, I could use an eating buddy…” Troy mused aloud. “We’re gonna need more beer for this.”
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