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To eat...and eat

Hey all, I'm writing a WG story! I'm also publishing this on

Hope you like!
To Eat...And Eat...

Chapter 1
Jack was lightly drowsing in front of the TV. He dreamed that he was standing in front of his bathroom mirror, completely naked. The mirror reflected clearly his slim, trim, youthful body. He looked at his pecs, and how they sloped down to meet his slight abs. As he looked they seemed to puff out; his body started to get softer, rounder, bigger. He looked down at his own body and it stayed trim. The image in the mirror kept going, from soft, to large, to FAT. He had moobs now that draped over on to his flabby gut. He admired it all. He quickly realized that it wasn't his body at all! It was Troy's body. His body pointed to Jack from the mirror and Jack looked down to find the same flabby body on himself! He reached down to his growing belly and....

The door to the apartment opened, stirring Jack out of the dream. Troy entered, carrying four large pizzas and two large bottles of root beer.

"Aah! Great!" Jack sat up, and rubbed his eyes, while Troy plopped down next to him and began downing a pizza. Jack looked over at his gut, jiggling and swaying as Troy got comfortable. A feeling came over Jack as he watched his fat friend that he had rarely experienced before. It was a mix of admiration, desire, confusion, and was laced with sexual tension. He wanted so much to reach over and touch his friend's gut-to have his hand sink down into it. He was entranced...

"Dude, your food's getting cold." Troy observed with a mouth full of pizza.
One-and-a-half pizzas and two liters of soda later, and Jack's eating had slowed to a stop. "Oh, god. I'm *urp* full!" Troy was slugging down the last of his root beer and glanced over. "Oh, you've got room left."
"No, I don't!" Jack replied. "I can't eat another bite." He wished he could. That pizza was so good!
"Well here's your problem, you're out of stuff to drink. I'll grab ya some." Troy hoisted himself off the couch and lumbered to the kitchen.

He wasn't gone long, and returned with a six pack of beer. "That'll help." Jack took a beer and another slice of pizza. Seeming satisfied, Troy nodded and stated, "I won't see good food go to waste."
"Ok, MOM." Jack smirked. They both sat and talked and ate and drank until all the food in front of them was gone.

"Ooooh *burrrp* ooh..." Jack's stomach was stretched tight, pinning him to the couch. "I can't move." Troy laughed. "That's why I am always in favor of sitting."

He did do a lot of that. In fact, since high school Troy hadn't done much physical activity except stretch out his stomach with all the eating he'd been doing. It showed every time he moved or took his shirt off, exposing the belly that Jack was quickly starting to envy. That's when he had a funny idea. 'I could get fatter myself. Why not learn how from an expert?' And so he started the conversation that would change his life.
“Hey Troy…”
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