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Making 8 posts in 5 minutes looks a bit fishy, just like posts saying this:

Wish I could see the pictures, but it's telling me I haven't made enough posts yet.
Posts like that will be deleted when seen.

As stated in our rules:

- Guests can not do anything except reading posts.
- Registered users need atleast 1 post to be able to use the Private Messaging function.
- Registered users have to reach a minimum of 7 good*** posts to be able to see pictures.- You need at least 10 characters in a post to be able to reply.
- The Random Stuff board does not raise your post count.
***With this we mean substantial, contributing posts that have a meaning. No mindless posting without reading the Thread, or giving a reply that does not fit the question asked. These posts will be deleted, reducing your post count. Remember if you are here posting for the first time, do not rush it! This will only force us to delete most of your posts as it will seem like you are trying to get to the 7 post limit as fast as possible. Also keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours before your account gets upgraded, if it takes any longer, try to be patient or notify us.