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Why do you want a gut in the first place?
I'm not 100% sure why I want one, I just know that for some reason I think having one would be cool.

How serious are you really? (come on honest)
Fairly serious.

What the hottest reason for having a big gut hanging from your bod?
Probably the knowledge of what went into making the gut.

If you could gain any amount of weight just by wishing it, what would you wish? (oh returning to your "normal" weight)
Anywhere from 60-90 more pounds. Still not sure what I want my end weight to be.

Do you like gaining alone? Do you like gaining with other gainers?
Never had anyone to gain with, though I wouldn't mind giving it a try if I ever could.

Do you like to show of your gut in public? (no shirt or very tight shirts)
Not really, I generally try not to draw attention to myself while in public.
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