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Zero Tolerance of >18 Material.

As some of you may have seen (and a member it may have cost us as well) there was a spammer posting his Pornographic pictures on here earlier today.
No matter how many mods we have (Forums 100x this size DO NOT have mods available 24hrs a day, so its not a case for more mods) we cannot patrol the forum 24 hours a day for creeps that might come on.. especially if they're not new users (We generally filter out new users anyway). All of the staff members do actually have a real life to attend to as well. I also had to remove a picture from a regular user's thread that though clothed, left nothing to the imagination.

If any link to a pornographic picture is posted or uploaded, a permanent ban will ensue instantly despite the situation, as it should be very obvious that this isn't a >18 site (no disclaimer, etc). There is also a report button there to alert mods/admins to any inappropriate posts. Rather than ignoring it/bitching about it please help us out (yet again, we are not monsters as many of you think we are) please use this button (Red/White Triangular sign with a exclamation point) as this alerts us quicker then if we just found it when we visit the site.

Otherwise, all has been fine lately

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