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Fantastic Subject! =]
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I'm pretty happy with my own gaining and bloating and such, so this isn't about me, but I was wondering if not all gaining desires are healthy? Granted fat isn't as healthy as skinny, but aside from that, if a person stuffs themselves silly to compensate for something else that's lacking in their life (companionship or what have you) is their gaining really healthy?
Your completely right about this. I think the best example is either companionship like you said, or the fact that they're depressed or have mental problems. Nothing more that I dislike around this community are members that are gaining weight, but are self conscious about their bodies still. If your self conscious about your extra fat and your embarrassed about it in public, then quite simply you should not be gaining.
Originally Posted by Littlebelly View Post
I know we're all about cheering on weight gain, but I just wanted to see what people thought about this. Is it possible to want to gain weight for the wrong reasons?
Of course it is, and if you ever detect that there's something off with a member here who is gaining or you chat to on MSN, PM or what have you, then I recommend that you let them know they shouldn't be doing what they're doing for their own good.