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While you should be cautious, I think common sense is enough. I met my current boyfriend on the forum. I had talked to him for months and months and we decided to meet as friends and go out to lunch.

My point is, sure there's weirdos out there, but theres lots of good people and you never know what comes of it.

However, advertising a meet up like this I don't think is the most intelligent way to go about it, no offense. It just is like asking for weirdos.

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I would never jump into anything that starts on a forum or other outlet on the web. With more and more strange people showing up in the news with new and creative ways to cause harm I would be very slow to react.

That said, I have a handful of people I game with that I have known for years and talk to nearly every day over Vent (voice chat server) that I have never met in person. The main reason is they live too far away for us to visit without making it some kind of vacation. At the same time, I don't find a need to meet in person.

TBH, the reasons to meet up are mostly limited and I most of those cases it would probably result in some kind of a legal matter...

If you do manage to meet up with someone, try to take a friend or make the meeting in a very public place with lots of people. Better to do it during the day, say a lunch date as well. DON'T give them any way to contact you personally other then through the web site or other method like this site. I would include not to give them your email address either.

Anyway, you should not restrict yourself from meeting new people just be very careful when you do it.