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So, I wanted to gain weight. Luckily Andy was going away on some business trip, I don’t know what for. All knew was he was going to be away for a whole month, which only gave me a short amount of time to put on as much weight as I could to surprise him.
First off I went to my trusty old friend. The internet. I searched things how to slow down my metabolism, food with a lot of calories, these were only small details. I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly remembered, Andy’s Dad!
I went over to the house. Now I haven’t seen Andy’s Dad since when I was in college, more than 4 years ago. At that time, he was still around the same glorious size he was when I had that sleepover that changed my life, but I think I heard Andy saying his dad had put on only a few pounds since I last saw him.
Well, Andy, to say the least, underexxaturated. I walked inside the house, a familiar yet unfamiliar thing was inside. Andy’s dad once again was sitting on the couch, this time completely naked, but you couldn’t see anything but his stomach. Surrounded by ice cream buckets and food, I walked up to him. I said hey, rubbed his stomach, and sat down beside him. We talked and eventually I asked him how big he was, and he replied, completely nonchalant, that he was now 537 pounds! I stared in awe. I looked at his stomach. The cleanly shaven belly, flopped all over like melted chocolate spewing everywhere. His moobs now enormous rested on them, as if a child laying on top of all the softness. His thighs collided as they were pressed against the sofa and his arms seemed to be the size of two of me. His plump face smiled at me and I smiled right back. I told him of my plan.
“Listen, I can tell, Andy isn’t happy. He wants me to become fat, but he would never tell me. So right now hes away on business for a month and I wanna put on as much weight as I can to surprise him. I didn’t really know where else to turn.”
“Well you’ve come to the right place,” Andy’s Dad responded. “Well first off you’re staying here the whole time. Number 2, whats your favorite flavor of ice cream, 3 what food do you like, and 4 sit down and don’t move.”
The next day, a Peapod truck pulled up. Andy’s Dad used the phrase, my daughter is having a slumber party with her friends and that’s why he needed all the junk food. I just sat on the couch, like he told me to, watching, bag, after bag, after bag, after bag come in. It felt like years how long it took these guys to unload the truck full of our groceries. When they finally left Andy’s dad walked up to me.
“Alright, Here we go. First thing, take off your clothes; you need to put cream on. That will prevent stretch marks because you will be eating more. Next, you are not going to get up from this couch at all. I will pull out the bed and you and I will both sleep here. You will eat here, sleep here, and I mean get up and go to the bathroom, but sit on the toilet, we don’t want you burning any calories.”
I nodded, hesitantly, knowing it was for Andy and for me too. Andy’s dad layed down, I got on top of him, considering he took up the whole queen sized pull out, and used him as a comfortable pillow. His thick roles engulfed me as it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud filled with softness. The next day, I was ready to start eating. But he wouldn’t let me. It was hours until he let me finally eat something. I woke up at 8 that morning, and he didn’t let me eat until at least 2 in the afternoon. I was starving. This he explained though, will starve my body, causing It to store most of my food into fat. Its what sumo wrestlers do. Then he started to feed me. I just layed down and watched tv. At around 3 o’clock I was feeling pretty full. I told him I was, but he just lauhed and said no. He continued to feed me. He rubbed my flat stomach, telling me I wasn’t hungry and that’s all I needed to say to myself. Fullness is just a state of mind. He continued to feed me for another hour at least, and then he had me go to sleep again. I slept until about 8 pm. He woke me up again. Before I was even really awake, I felt food already being put into my mouth, more and more. Again, my fullness came within a short amount of time, but I didn’t say anything knowing resistance was futile. He then woke me up around midnight and did the same thing, except this time, the midnight one, he fed me more than ever. Ever time we ate he fed me more and more. At one point, he was feeding me 4 whole tubs of ice cream, within an hour. That’s how much my apetite had grown.
A month was almost up. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, when I got there a month ago, we took my weight and height. 5’11” and 185 pounds. Andy’s Dad brought the scale to my side of the bed, I stood up, my knees shook cause of all the new weight. It was an unusual feeling. I couldn’t see my feet, my chin had a soft layer of fat beneath it (my double chin) and my moobs jiggled a little as I stood up. The scale said 210! I was amazed! I couldn’t believe it! I was extatic, but I was told to get back on the pull out couch, because Andy wasn’t coming home for a few more days still.
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