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Chapter 4
Jack began to see gaining as a cycle. He reviewed the past month in his head as he surfed Facebook on the couch, which became one of his favorite places to be.
He had started to eat tons more, which made him bloat and gain weight. Keeping that gut full made him heavier and made it harder to get up and get around, so he sat more. He thought about why he was getting up and if he didn't need to, he just sat. His inactivity slowed down his metabolism and made him gain quicker. Plus, the extra sitting time gave him an opporutnity to eat mindlessly. He was devouring bags of chips, ice cream by the half-gallon,and eating whole boxes of Little Debby snacks in one sitting. The extra large meals definitely helped also.
When he did rise, it was for a damn good reason. To use the bathroom, or to get more to eat. The couch was starting to look like a bit of a nest. Everything Jack could need was within arms reach. Eat, gain, sit, gain, eat, wonder people found it hard to lose weight!
Jack was dozing in his nest when there was a knock on the door.
"It's open!" Jack called. Troy opened the door and stepped in and looked around. "I see you've been taking my lessons to heart!"
"Well, I don't know if the heart is where I'm taking them" Jack patted the softening belly in front of him. He noticed that his chest jiggled when he did it this time. Funny, it never did that before. He smiled to himself. Troy grabbed a case of beer from the fridge and sat down with Jack on the couch. "Wanna down these and order in tonight?"
"Naw, let's have these and go out to Chino's." Jack replied. He began to hoist himself up. Troy's eyes rolled. "We've been to Chino's the past three days...wait. You want to go because of that waiter...what-his-name, uh, Charlieee."
"No!" Jack said defensively, retreating into his room to change. "...his name is Chris."
"Aha! I knew it." Troy pointed at Jack's bedroom door accusingly. "Listen, I'm getting tired of the food there. I'm picking this time. Let's go to the buffet. We haven't been there for a while. And, as your coach..." Jack laughed. "I need to see how you are progressing."
"Ok, fine." Jack surrendered as he came out of his room with a fresh pair of clothes on.He was wearing 36" jeans now that fit snugly and his large shirts were starting to strain around his middle. He figured he had some time left before switching up a size...
The buffet was empty. It was a beautiful day outside, and many folks were picknicking and enjoying the weather outside, which was just fine by Jack. They got their ususal table and drink and dug in. Plate after plate...Jack felt himself get heavier with each bite, a little more bloated, a little more tired. He came to welcome that feeling of contentment that washed over him as he ate himself to the bursting point. Six plates later and Jack and Troy were breathing hard, trying to finish their fourth sodas. "Very nice." Troy said, "But do you have another plate in you?" Jack smiled. "You get 'em, I'll eat 'em!" Troy, with some effort, stood up, and grabbed two more plates of food, of equal portions, and returned.
"This is what I've been looking for.." Troy began. "I've been looking for someone to compete with. You're full, I'm full. Now whoever eats the most before putting down their fork gets their meal free. Game?"
"Bring it on..." Jack felt very game. They dug their forks in and began. Bite after bite, they packed it away, the mountain of pork, mushrooms, rice, and vegetables on their plates. Finally...
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