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"The Squasher"

As I walked in there he stood surprised that I was right on time. I looked him up and down again to see if I was right, and I was. He stood around 5'7 and weighed almost 130 lbs. He certainly was small the smallest guy I had ever squashed.


My mom and dad had just dropped me off at my dorm and said goodbye. My mom was sobbing hysterically and my dad was giving me what he thought was the best advice a father could ever give his son. Don't do drugs, hang out with the right people, don't get some whore pregnant, etc etc etc... Then they were gone.

"Thank god" I muttered.

Sure I liked my parents but they just weren't, well, up to par with my level of intelligence. In high school I held a 4.5 but I wasn't just smart. I had the body that most guys would kill for. I was captain of the football, baseball, and basketball teams. I also got my school board of education to give us a soccer team and was captain of that as well.

After all of my hard work I finally made it to MIT. The college of geniuses or so I thought. Most people who went to MIT weren't born smart like me, they had to try and memorize and study to keep their pitiful 4.0. Except for one person.


He still had that shocked look on his face. I decided to go ahead and do my routine. I walked over to his shoe mat and took off my Under Armour shoes, shirt and American Eagle 5XL shorts. There I was standing in my cherry red Hanes boxers, my giant apron belly hanging almost to my knees. I stood 6'1 and weighed 525 lbs, I was gigantic. He stood there his eyes glued to my stomach.

"Well skinny boy strip down to your boxers", I said it like I was his king.

Sure I will squash guys but I prefer girls because I'm not gay( No offense meant to anyone here on bigguts). Although guys were able to go longer at the squashing than girls were, for obvious reasons. Still I preferred the ladies. However there was something different about this guy than all the others I squashed. He was really small for a guy and I was wondering how he might take his first squashing.

He stripped down to his boxers like a have everyone else do (although with girls it's bras and undies). I looked at him trying to determine my best was to go about this, then it his me. I walked over to him slowly making him a little nervous. When I got to him I started pushing towards a wall with my belly. He started to shake, not out of fear, but anxiousness.


He hit the wall a little harder than I expected. I just wasn't used to pushing around a guy this tiny. He stood there with his eyes staring into my man cleavage, and looking a little scared. I started to lean into him slowly, Making sure that he could get the full effect of my belly on his chest. Soon his head was lost in between my moobs and I knew that he couldn't breathe. He was able to work his stick-like arms free and started to rub my underbelly. I leaned more of my weight into him and now he started to realize that he wouldn't be able to breathe. He tried reaching is short arms around to my back but they only went to the side of my huge stomach. I decided that I would let him have some air. I leaned back and he fell on my belly gasping for air. I let him sit there for a while then I used my belly to push him upright and started to lean into him again, using more weight this time. He must not have gotten a good breath of air because he started to struggle and began trying to push me away. He didn't stand a chance 127 lbs. fighting against 525 lbs., yeah he wasn't going to be able to push me away. Soon he stopped trying to push me off and his arms began falling down my side, so I leaned back again. Once again he collapsed on my belly heaving in big breaths of delicious air, that he knew he might not get again for another few minutes. I pushed him up with my belly again and only leaned my stomach onto his chest, not crushing him but squashing a little, but he could still breathe. I was trying to decide how I was going to squash him next but I figured I'd ive him a few minutes to get ready for it.
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