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Chapter 3

"Oh, god! I'm stuffed." Jack gasped as he shoved his now empty fourth plate of food away. Troy smirked, "I think you can do better than that." He had a plate of deserts in front of him and was about to dig into them when he changed his mind. "Here." he shoved the food in front of Jack. "I can't eat all that!" Jack whined. The plate was full of creme puffs, carrot cake and jell-o.
"You will." Jack looked at Troy with his best pleading puppy dog eyes, and Troy simply ignored him. "I'm getting another plate." Jack sighed and took a bite of a creme puff.


He was eating more every day, and Troy was pleased with his progress, but if you aren't improving, you are standing still, right? So, Troy did as he was asked. He pushed food on Jack at every opportunity. In fact, Jack realized, that they had been hanging out at restaurants and eating places exclusively for the past week.
Troy had started easy on Jack; having him eat until he was full, making sure he had all three meals, had food with him wherever he went, things like that. But today, as they approached the door to the chinese buffet, Troy stepped in front of the door. "Hold on."
"What?" Jack looked impatient to get in. He looked hungry.
"From this meal on, we're changing the game."
"You've been eating full meals...which is fine for an average person. You, on the other hand, need more...much more. So, from now on, you will stuff at every meal."
"Stuff? You mean I haven't..."
"Nope. You've got to eat more than that. You need to be fuller than full. Stuffed. Eat past your comfort zone. Now get in there."
Jack had only been able to stomach two plates of food before this week - from ANY buffet. Troy was pushing hard now. Jack got the first two down, and started eating slower. It took much longer to get through the next two, but he did, and this is when the deserts came.
He was breathing hard, and had no choice but to lean back in his seat as he ate. The feeling of fullness excited and thrilled him and kept his fork moving from his plate to his mouth. His medium t-shirt felt like it was getting smaller. He could feel the fabric strech all the way around his middle. He liked that.
Troy came back with an even larger plate and a bowl of ice cream. They ate at tables instead of booths mainly because Troy had outgrown them a year ago. Jack was excited to think that he may someday not be able to fit in a booth at a restaurant.
"See? Now, while you are snacking on that, I'll have this." Jack looked down at his belly and compared it with the sloping, sagging gut on his friend. Jack looked pregnant, with a round, distended belly, and Troy seemed to show no difference now than he did before they had started.
"Hey, your ice cream is melting." Jack observed.
"That's the idea. See, it's much easier to get down when you can drink it." It fills up all the gaps (the few that there are) and shoots you full of calories too."
"Why do you care about calories?" Jack asked. "I thought you just liked eating?"
"I do." Troy said flatly, but his eyes said something different.
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