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How Much have you gained since you started? close to 70 lbs (I'm about 260)
Were you chubby as a kid? yep
How quickly have you gained weight? it's been about a year but since february it's been about 10 lbs per month
What is your goal? 290-300
Have you been ridiculed and talked to about your weight? not really
Do you ever not like your gut? everyone has bad days sometimes
When did you start gaining (Age)? 22
Are you ever restricted from doing things because of your weight? outside of fitting into my old clothes, not that i've noticed
What size clothes are you? 2xl shirts, 40-42 pants, size 13 shoes

What I like about gaining: I just really like the feeling of being fat.. and being able to eat whatever I want for a change is nice too.
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