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How Much have you gained since you started? 40lbs (220lbs now)
Were you chubby as a kid? Yes
How quickly have you gained weight? Approx 5 lbs/month when eating within comfortzone
What is your goal? N/A
Have you been ridiculed and talked to about your weight? Yes (Does it bother me? No.)
Do you ever not like your gut? Sometimes, but look on the bright side
When did you start gaining (Age)? 14
Are you ever restricted from doing things because of your weight? No
What size clothes are you? 36 jeans, L/XL shirts, 12UK shoes

What I love about gaining?
The satisfaction of being able to eat as much as I want and gain as much weight as I want without having to worry about it. Plus having a nice gut to rub!

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