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So true; we need a new injection to this site. I can remember a different "spark" several years ago. I have since fallen into the trench of short replies without discussions. For some reason, for me, at the end of a busy day I LOVE to SIT BACK and have my beer and RELAX TO THIS SITE. But it gets too easy to simply give short feed-back. I honestly have to admit that I'm out of "threads" to start. I love the enthusiasm of the new members. They're younger than we were. (Most of the originals dropped-out.) I think that the "new blood" (and new flab) here have enough enthusiasm where we can restore some of that original content. Can we put together a new gallery? ....start new contests? .... share menus or recipeis? ....Polls are always good as well. If enough of us respond to THIS THREAD we can BUILD something more than OUR GUTS. We can build a bigger fraternity.
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