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Originally Posted by UglyFatPig View Post
You know you're a fat boy when...
you always feel like you sit on cushions because your butt is so fat.
people think you're pregnant when you have long hair.
you can't find shoes that are wide enough for your feet.
you're slower running than walking.
it's easier to roll than walk.
people want to touch your belly.
you feel like a eunuch.
you fart so much that you could provide 10 households with natural gas.
your face look like a butt.
you frighten people when you try to smile.
you look like a giant baby.
people ask you to take off your shirt and do the truffle shuffle.
your fingers look like sausages.
you have slanting eyes even if you're not Asian.
you have a speech impediment because of all the fat around your mouth.
Lol at the 'Face looks like a but'
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