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305 21st June 2010 02:10 AM

Life Guarding: Summer Gut Story
The August heat beat down intently. Beads of sweat and sun screen were rolling down my face and it wasn't even noon yet. It was the beginning of my monotonous eight hour shift and I was wondering why I even accepted this job. I mean lifeguarding doesn't even pay that well and the money I do make isn't going to cover the medical expenses of the skin cancer I'm going to get from baking in the sun for hours on end.

As my my mind wandered, my eyes caught something that made me stop in mid-thought. Most of the bathers at the pool were older women with young kids, rarely did I encounter any eye candy at work. But the man making his way through the door would provide all the eye candy I needed.

He was a little shorter than 6 feet tall and appeared to be in his late twenties. He had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. But what really caught my attention was his swollen beer belly that bounced as he walked. He must have weighed in at around 230. He was hardly obese but had the body of a former football player who let himself go and drank too often.

I was wearing dark sunglasses so it was easy to check out this attractive stranger. He was walking towards me and with each step his engorged belly threatened to shake out of the tight shirt that was concealing it.

"Hot day we're having, I don't understand how you can sit there all day and not take a dip in the pool."

The baby faced, beer bellied, man was addressing me. I decided to play it cool and not sound like I was not too interested in him.

"It's not that bad, sign in sheet is over there," I pointed to another table with the log in book and a pen on it.

He turned and walked over to the table to sign in. I took this moment to admire him from the back. He had a decent sized ass, it was dwarfed by his bloated belly in the front, but I would love to do some damage back there nontheless.

The stranger made his way over to a lounge chair and fumbled around for a couple minutes with his belongings. My mind started to wander again, and the clothes started coming off.

Blondie took off his shirt and revealed, what I think is, the perfect body. It was evident that he had worked out regularly at one point. His pecs were large and his nipples, pink and puffy, were perfectly centered. His arms were giant, not very well defined, but powerful in apperance. His gut is what I enjoyed the most. It distended well over his belt line and was a perfect, fleshy ball.
This boring job got a whole lot more interesting.

To be continued...(I will write a lot more, once I get feedback)

aboi42294 21st June 2010 02:36 AM

loving this story so far :] Cant wait to see where you take it

305 21st June 2010 03:21 PM

Blondie stood around for a few minutes, his arms resting on his giant paunch. Finally the heat proved to be to much for him. Sweat was rolling down his mountain of a belly and making it shine with perspiration Blondie took a running jump, his pecs bouncing up and down with each stride and his beer gut was shaking violently. He made a giant splash that displaced a large amount of water.

I admired him as he floated on his back. His ball gut allowed made him so buoyant that he floated with ease. His stomach protuded well above the waterline which provided me with a great view. After twenty or so minutes of him swimming and me fantasizing he got out of the pool. I quickly stared at something else so it didn't look like I was checking him out.

He waddled towards me, his ass was poking out and looking bigger than the ever. His nipples were hard from the cold water and his pecs were bouncing up and down. As he got closer I checked out his gut in greater detail. A faint happy trail of blonde hair started at his naval. There were a couple faded strech marks and an innie belly button.

"Hi, I'm Ted." The bloated stranger was a stranger no longer.

"Nice to meet you I'm Johnny," I said nonchalantly. It was difficult to play it cool when a soaking wet ball gut was inches from my face.

"I know this probably isn't allowed but could you make an exception? I brought some Coors in a cooler and there's no one else here and it's blazing out," pleaded Ted.

I looked right into those baby blue eyes and down at his ball gut, and that made my decision easy. He was right, there was no one else here and most likely nobody would be coming.

"Fine, but don't get me in trouble and make sure you throw away the cans when you're done. Oh yeah there's one more rule" I said with a sly grin.

"Thanks dude, what's the last rule?" asked Ted gratefully.

"You gotta give me some brews and sit here with me. It get's mad boring on this job and I need to kill sometime."

"Yeah no problem. Thanks again bro, I'll go get them now."

As Ted walked back to the lounge chair I could not believe my luck. His gut was already bloated, after downing a dozen beers it be unbelievable. Ted barley and any hair on his legs. A very light blond fuzz was all that was there. He wasn't pale but his complexion wasn't quite tan yet. He had thunder thighs that jiggled with each step. His calf muscles were bulging out and as he bent over to pick up the cooler I got a great view of his ass. The top of his crack was showing and his bathing suit was streched to it's limit as by his bubble butt. Today was going to be a good day, I could already tell.

bigboy7993 22nd June 2010 01:24 AM

More please!

305 22nd June 2010 01:23 PM

I know what you're thinking, what type of lifeguard drinks on the job? True, it's completely unprofessional but realistically only a few people came to the pool a day and that was usually towards 6 or 7 o'clock.

Big Ted pulled up a chair next to mine and took out the first can. He popped the lid with ease and chugged its contents in no more than two or three seconds. He then let out a gaseous burp that caused me to laugh.

"Pass me a brew, big man." Ted reached in the case and tossed a Coors to me. I opened it and chugged it just as fast, if not faster than him.

"Woah, respect, where'd you learn to do that?" he asked incredulously.

"College, that's pretty much all we do there."

"That's sick, what college do you go to?"

and the conversation started from there. With each beer, Teddy and I got to know each other better. Ted was your typical All-American guy. Anglo-Saxon, grew up in a small town in Central Pennsylvania and played football throughout high school. He started linebacker and had the skill to go on to play college but he didn't have the size. Also college football takes an incredible amount of dedication and commitment that he said he wasn't ready for. He went to Penn State University and graduated in 0'5, making him 27 years old. He had a steady girlfriend from high school until sophomore year of college.

They broke up and Teddy swore off of relationships for a while. He had felt like he wasted a lot of time and neglected his friends and social life. The next two years he partied hard. He spent less time in the gym and more time playing beer pong. His stomach and ass ballooned out after all of this partying and junk food. He still retained a good amount of muscle, it was just covered in a layer of fat.

We were now on beer seven. We were both slightly tipsy but not close to being full out drunk yet. His ballgut was getting bloated though, it streched out well over his lap.

Teddy learned a lot about me also. I'm Italian-American and from Philly. I played basketball my whole life and was in excellent shape. Towards the end of high school I put on a lot of muscle and hit the weight room very hard. It paid off in college, girls were always impressed with my physique and finding one to hook up with was never a problem. To be honest though, I got a lot more out of watching frat guys drinking until their stomachs bulged out than hooking up with random girls.

We were now on beer 13 and we were relativley drunk. Teddy's torso was now 360 degrees and had a considerable amount of beer sloshing around in it. Every time I told a joke or a funny story Teddy would give a a booming laugh that would cause his belly to shake. Since we were sitting close his meaty thighs and the side of his ass were rubbing up against my leg.

I fought back a hardon as he squeezed his muscular cleavage together and showed me how he could make his pecs dance up and down.

I couldn't take it anymore, I gave his bloated stomach a hard whack.

To be continued...

Bigbelly13 22nd June 2010 03:14 PM

Please continue.... Great story.

gutloverr 24th June 2010 05:11 AM

best story ive seen in a loooong time. continue asap please!

305 24th June 2010 04:21 PM


The back of my hand collided with his enlarged gut. His stomach was hard but bouncey. I could tell there was a substantial amount of liquid in there by the sound it made when I made contact.

Teddy chuckled jubilantly. "Watch it Johnny, my gut is about to explode!"

I handed him another beer and teased him for not being able to keep up with me. But in reality I just wanted to see his gut stretched to the max.

As Teddy downed another Coors there wad a loud, tearing sound.

"What the **** was that?"

Teddy pointed down to his bathing suit. The velcro could fight no longer against Teddy's growing gut. The top of his pubic hair was now exposed, it was light and blonde in color. He tried to pull the suit back together but with no avail.

"Looks like I drank a little too much," he rubbed the sides of the dome that was his belly.

"I would offer you a ride home but it looks like you could use some walking," a half-smile spread across my face.

"**** you Johnny," he laughed

"And nah, I don't need a ride anyway, I live overthere," he motioned with hands to some apartment complex across the street.

"Well it's been good" I put on my hand. "Feel free to stop by again cause this was the most fun I've ever had at work."

"Aight tiny, I have nothing doing tomorrow so I'll stop by," Teddy shook my hand back with force.

With that we threw out the beer cans and Teddy left the pool. His back was a wall of flesh and had almost no definition. He was starting to develop love handles also.

Can't wait for tomorow I thought to my self.

To be continued...

hunterwolf 24th June 2010 08:40 PM

More please! ^_^

lovesbigboys 24th June 2010 08:51 PM

Loving the story so far :D More plz :p

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