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Big_fat_kiddo 19th November 2009 06:22 PM

2009 Belly Contest- ENTER HERE!
It is time for another go on setting up a Belly contest! Post your entries here (pictures, stats and why you should win). After a reasonable amount of people have entered this thread will be closed and a poll will open in de polls section where you can vote for your favorite!
The winner will have his name published in a news item, and gets never ending fame and glory :)

This thread is now closed, click Here to vote


nikezoom787 19th November 2009 08:41 PM

I'm entering!
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Hi! This is my first contest entry... I am 216 pounds currently. I have gain around 44 pounds since I started gaining. I think I should win because I am really young (13) maybe the youngest person here.

Orton_fan 21st November 2009 02:27 PM

Orton_fan's Contest Entry
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Here's my entry!
I'm currently 305 lbs. and I think I should win because i've gained quite a bit in the few years that i've been gaining (around 130 lbs) and i've put a lot of effort (and food lol) into this gut and it's paid off.:)

awesomefatkid 22nd November 2009 12:42 AM

YAY my entry!
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I am 16, 221 pounds (just weighed myself today) and 5ft 11. I have been a big guy since Elementary School, and it is enjoyable.
here are my pics that would be right to use for this contest

plants105 23rd November 2009 04:40 AM

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hiya I'm 275 and have gained about 50 lbs since I started gaining. I think this contest is a fun idea and I'm curious to see how I measure up.

tdjhg 29th November 2009 01:00 AM

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Tough competition....Although I think I have the nicest body here :D 265lbs. When I started here was around 200

j-freshy 11th December 2009 03:42 AM

Well i'm not sure if I have a chance but oh well...
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I'm 5'11 and just weighed myself tonight and i'm 138 pounds. I feel I should win because im standing up for all the "small guts" out there!

ColdFire26 13th December 2009 05:07 AM

I'm 19 years old, I'm 6' 5" and I'm currently at 362.5 lbs.

I should win this contest because at such a age being able continue being this size being able run, dance, leap and jump without running out of breath also there is a lot of p[picture coming. Call me! heheh:D

ChubbyLevi 13th December 2009 07:42 PM

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Hi everybody! its been awhile since i posted pic so i thought ill try my turn in the contest ! Here a few pics of me, im 5'3 and about 175lb (not sure about weight think scale is off) And way do i think i should be pic...thats hard i hate putting myself up like this. I think my fat is even spread out throught out my body, belly, moobs, arms and face. and also that ive been having a great gain since i joined here

Happenstance 28th December 2009 04:27 PM

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Okay, I'll play.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. I am about 275 lbs in these, at 6'0".

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