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Big_fat_kiddo 19th November 2009 06:25 PM

2009 Belly Contest!
It is time for another go on setting up a Belly contest! Post your entries(pictures, stats and why you should win). After a reasonable amount of people have entered this thread will be closed and a poll will open in de polls section where you can vote for your favorite!

The winner will have his name published in a news item, and gets never ending fame and glory :)

Click here for the entry thread: Belly Contest
And please, post ONLY entries

Freecell5671 23rd November 2009 04:51 AM

Be sure to give your height when you enter. Obviously, someone who is 220 lbs at 6'3", is going to look much different than someone who is 220 lbs at 5'7". So the context it important.

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